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"So long and thanks for all the blood"

the billboard

Around Pittsburgh, awful billboards like the one at the right are popping up. I'm not against blood donation, or saving little girls, but the message "Thank you for my blood" is pretty repulsive. Whatever happened to "Give the gift of life"? I guess I shouldn't be surprised, seeing as this is the town where the health care advertisements say "Choose a hospital as if your life depended on it." Here's one of the commercials that ran on tv for a while. (Copyright on that belongs to GBL by the way.)


At my workplace there's a pamphlet urging us to be organ donors. It uses pictures of people who died and whose organs were used for others. I believe that organ donation is a wonderful thing, but that pamphlet creeps me the fuck out. I shudder just thinking about it.

Ouchie. Yeah, there are definitely some topics that should only be spoken about in the abstract. And then there are some topics that beg for, if not require, extreme detail, like Janet Jackson's half-time "show".