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Oliver High mural

high mural Last weekend I was trying to get a good picture of a mural in the Strip District. It was a Sprout Fund special: Bright colors, painted way up high, and very literal. Since much of the mural was devoted to an almost photographic representation of the bridge it's located next to, I wanted a shot of the mural and the bridge together. I was running all over downtown and the strip trying to find the right angle, but I couldn't quite pull it off. It's all good, because in the process, I found a terrific mural I hadn't seen before.

On the north side, between River Road and the Allegheny River, is a rails to trails bike path. Next to the trail, on the base of a huge overpass (for 279), there's a Pittsburgh-themed mural painted by students from Oliver High. The panels of the mural cover a huge range, from a picture of people in line for peanuts, to the history of the region, to a panel featuring a water-nymph. And hey, right there in the middle of the middle panel? The very same bridge that was in that other mural. I guess it's hard to have a mural without it in this neighborhood.

panel 1 panel 2 panel 3 panel 4 panel 5

Click on any of the images for a larger version. Because I was standing about 5 feet below the bottom of the mural, the pics came out of the camera with a lot of skew due to the angle. Aggressive photoshopping made the images square again and I think the results are ok, but then I'm not a serious photographer.