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Snowmobiling is not for wimps (wimps shouldn't even watch)

The NYTimes has an article, Driving: In the Snow: Speed, Schnapps and Bloodshed, about a Nascar-style 500 lap snowmobile race in Michigan. The event consists of lots of crazed spectators drinking and barbecuing in the bitter cold (temperatures below 0 F aren't uncommon), while a bunch of crazed snowmobilers race around a track, causing grievous injuries to each other and to the spectators. Yeah, I could get into that. But then, every year I'm half tempted to drive out to Punxatawnie for groundhog day.


I've been to Punxsutawney for the "festivities". Impressive number of people up and about at dawn. It looked to me like Phil was sleeping through the whole thing, though. I suppose pulling a woodchuck out of its hole and seeing if it casts a shadow doesn't actually require the rodent's eyes to be open...

How long did it take to get to Punxatawnie from Pittsburgh? Was it worth the trip? Did you see Bill Murray?

Two hours or so, assuming no traffic. And there was traffic. Pretty well run traffic control though. (Parking in the city, bus up to the site.) Didn't see any celebrities, other than dozens of news vans and tv reporters. Was it worth it? Hmmmm. I guess it's worth doing once, but it's not life-changing.