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September 19, 2004

All in a Day

All in a Day by Leslie Ansley and Monique Luck

Muralists caught in the act! On Murray Ave. near its intersection with Forward Ave. in Squirrel Hill, Leslie Ansley and Monique Luck are painting a mural they've named "All in a Day." The mural depicts scenes from Squirrel Hill: the clock on the JCC up the street, the sign, and the local high school (Allderdice) are all represented, to name just a few pieces. The artists have another mural (called Life in Motion) on the North Side. Both murals are part of the Sprout Fund's public art project.

September 13, 2004

Sprout's mural project

Among the things that Sprout does is fund neighborhood murals in Pittsburgh. Check out the site, both for the completed set of 2003 murals and for the new 2004 murals.