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i was waiting for osama bin ladin to pop out... cheapest generic price viagra oh thats just her egg she hides in when she's too high to deal with being in public This song sounds like some crappy 80's song. Gaga can suck my dick

this poor girl is so over her head.... jeez she's boring...

In MƳ Ƈhannél buy coumadin this chick is disgusting.always got her bird legs open...eeewww Well I think she was trying to focus on the "meaning" of the song rather than a "strange" performance as some would say. Yes, it does sound like some song's I have heard before. There's a lot people out there who slightly rip off another song. Do I think that's right? Not really. But if that's how they want their song then you just have to live with the unoriginality if your a fan who will support her no matter what. buy coumadin Freê Åpple iPhoné i was very disappointed with the song. :/ i love lady gaga and all but i excepted the song too be alot better! i hope her album isnt anything like this song.

It was so awful I turned the show off. ....and what is up with points on your shoulders ?????? Not a winner !

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For a She was dropped when she was a baby. You used a webcam to record something that's actually playing right on your PC... are you some kind of troll? Visit Ṁy Profíle Freè Ãpple ïPhone buy coumadin For a cialis 10mg Spammer. buy coumadin WTF. . . omg.( blog with what did u record this? with a potato? buy coumadin OMG RAYWJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!! she reminds me of an annoying little kid who is looking for attention. who will do anything to get noticed. This and the costume changes are ridiculous, just begging for attention. Also it's the GRAMMY'S!!! go do that shit at the teen choice or something not at the Grammy's, embarrassing if you ask me. She should realize and understand the company she's in. Pathetic... rwj!! AND YES IT WAS Ḟree Ápple íPhone Does she seriously have to be the center of attention everywhere she fucking goes? They deserve to have Flash so that they can use free apps made by other people. In addition, jailbreaking allows themes which are absurdly prohibited by iPod. buy coumadin What he did tell me. What means cracking the firmware. He gave others the possibility to play games downloaded from torrent sites without paying for them. There is an EULA that says if you do this, this and this you will be persecuted by the law. It means that if you crack it you will be in prison from 6 months to 3 year. Not Kidding just because some guy invented a gun, doesn't mean he shot your mother this was great!!! very artistic


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