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WHAT ARE BIBBOLS? she lives up to it!!

sounds an awful like madonna

Not Kidding

the guy probably doesn't live in USA or has cable you smart one. LOL xD lol if i wuz there i wouldve trown a shoe to break that egg lmao sure ive would lost a 50 dollar shoe but she would lost a big ass egg shell lol order viagra viagra online at least she keeps things interesting Sounds like MADONNA.......... LOSER! order viagra viagra online Visit Ṁy Profíle /watch?v=ZLdkJpAtt1I

this was great!!! very artistic Ah yes. Another song to bind everyone under her spell. Follow her you little minions or otherwise you'll be able to think on your own without someone telling you what's cool and what isn't. Yes, continue to be brainwashed and forced to listen to your typical propagandized "music".
Today is Valentine's day. Thumbs up if you have a microwave. check my entry for light it up contest click my channel I HAVE A GIVEAWAY ON MY CHANNEL This guy doesn't represent a major corporation such as Sony. Why would he have to be professional? He's just a regular person like you and me, except he can hack Sony. lulz. It was only a matter of time before some BIGOT had to start in on the Gays. As if this same individual is all pure and worthy of adoration. Grow up!!!! Nobody cares about your petty bigoted opinions. If you were half as talented as you so freely tell us you are on your page your time will come. Spitting prejudice in a public venue is not going to help you accomplish your goals. You got one thing right. Prejudice is learned. You were not born that way. order viagra viagra online how are you able to render the lyrics seamlessly..?? buy uk viagra lol. order viagra viagra online Lady Gaga needs to find her own style...she was doing good until she did the Madonna get up....Gaga please be yourself.... Frée Äpple iPhonè order viagra viagra online sounds an awful like madonna F U C K SONY Originally made by GlassPaperBag crap Who cares if it sounds like Madonna lady gaga is so much better and madonnas career is DEAD!!!!! wat it do guys check out my channel ive got a hilarious vid comin out tomoro and more days after that!! subscribe and giv me ideas for more of my vids! we will do almost anything so say wat u want and we will probly do it. dont go to this if ur one of those dumb youtube haters who dislikes evrything. just if ur willing to stick with us till we make it big!!! order viagra viagra online lol bro lol and anybody here We will never support pokodot cos they resort to spamming other sites just to advertise. And yes, I misspelt that on purpose. Thumb this up to tell them to FUCK OFF. subscribe me :) & u get to see my lip/dancing videos... :) An Àpple ìPhone


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