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I love how hackers justify exposing the PS3 to piracy by saying "if Sony had no security on the system in the first place, then we wouldn't have to crack it!" Sony's right to protect their system from so-called "backup software" > your "right" to modify their copywritten software. If you want a box with no security that you can put whatever you want on it, BUY A FREAKING PC! Ḟree Ápple íPhone
Do you not recall that Geo really only started breaking down the PS3 when they took away OtherOS? Which was a driving factor behind my personal purchase of a PS3. cheapest viagra and yes, this is a different kind of song she used to sing. but oh well.  You're a fucking tool. Hacking is not synonymous with stealing, just so you know. Current pc tech (software and hardware) are thanks to generations of hackers. Many of the conveniences you enjoy are thanks to those who you call pussies and fags. You're a moron, you are apparently a loser and will die a loser no doubt. Usually it's the rednecks and hicks that prescribe to your line of reasoning.

NO Joke

Its EXpress Yourself,not respect yourself....

Grab Essentially? Wrong word to use there buddy rofl.... Stop trying to sound smart. buy online viagra securely HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA­AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA What a tool... buy online viagra securely god please can anyone say Madonna Jesus it sounds one of Madonna tracks with different lyrics stupidity has a new name...


no es por nada pero te deberias dedicar a eso Your a Fag, GTFO
 total fail with the commentation.. lawl oh my!! she's so so so ..super-duper WEIRD,,, and even those "carriers" of hers!! Go RAp! The way I see it both haters and fanboys need to calm the fuck down Lol sure is stupid to call her "god" but hate someone that you don't even is not healthy either. buy online viagra securely Not Kidding discount viagra pills DAMN The Bitch Knows how to make an Entrance.! buy online viagra securely ►►►►►◄►►♥► ►▼▼►►►►►▲◄ my breastss lolll buy online viagra securely WHAT ARE BIBBOLS? Lady Gaga is no Madonna. Even if she were, that wouldn't be saying much.   I'm starting to enjoy Gaga more and more these days... She's fun, clearly does not take herself too seriously, and keeps our mind off the depressing realities of life with her quirky behavior - Oh, and she put's together a pretty fine tune! buy online viagra securely For a From My Çhànnel the guy probably doesn't live in USA or has cable you smart one. LOL xD Sad that he will go to jail :/


buy online viagra securely
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