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She USED to write music. She doesn't make her music anymore, she may write her lyrics, but they aren't that great. Her voice IS great, but she doesn't use them. What she is, is a shell of her former self. She traded in expression of her talents for money and fame. on YOUTUBE
Ƒree Âpple îPhone buy coumadin Satonic bitch lol You are kidding. I saw Britney on her last 'live' tour and the whole show was a lipsynch. The only time her microphone was switched on was between songs. I've been to many concerts and can tell the difference between someone singing live and when they are miming to a track. And on Madonna's 'Confessions' tour at least two songs she did by miming.

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Originally made by GlassPaperBag if it wasn't for guys like geo our technology would be at a stand still we progress because of guys like him challenge other people to be better our security will be more protected because of it . buy online viagra does anyone here like dragonball? If you do please watch my dragonball theme music on my place. please i need more comments on it. It's in hd so the quality is good!!  Homo, impersonater buy online viagra To Get a BLINK IS BACK!

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Check out our tips, advice, and stories at w w w. schoolhackers .info" Talk about a lame rap. From My Çhànnel BLINK IS BACK! buy online viagra check my entry for light it up contest click my channel buy no online prescription viagra this is not the same as a man walking into a store, putting a console in his backpack, and walking out. buy online viagra oh man, you're born with legs to walk. we walk, we are born this way. learn something from your own song.  i thought that too lol buy online viagra Mork from Ork Wanna know what happened to PC gaming because of these people? If you take away the incentive to make games, good games don't come out. fuck all of you edwin chen says that he is gay was this recorded with a pentium 2? Ḟree Ápple íPhone Get a buy online viagra Ƒree Âpple îPhone I love Gaga and her style.. but honestly.. wtf is this? This isnt style, it's just a damn egg and you can hardly see her. I can understand if this was suppose to mean something like signify a meaning... but dont you people say this is "style" -.- I'm so disappointed in her she stole madonnas song in every way My videos can make Ur smile and laughing out loud (LOL) or girl stop lying whatever


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