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That being said, full support to Geohot from me, Sony have always been a bunch of scumsuckers. You used a webcam to record something that's actually playing right on your PC... are you some kind of troll?
For a order cheap viagra fas Lol this is why she's unique coz i bet no one in the fucking world would ever make this kinda appearance in a bloody egg with an oxygen mask inside. Gotta love her!Well she's born this way(: Oh & i read in the news tt she implanted "horns" into her shoulder?lol..tts funny. first of all, you should stfu, if you don't like her keep your mouth shut, but you know what haters are what make her famous, your hate = publicity, for example....miley cyrus??? she was hated on...justin bieber? he gets hated on aloott, but hes one of the most famous teens, second shes not slutty, she supports gays, and third she will always be better than you piece of shit, and if she decides not wear pants, its her choice, so chill your boner :P

chevere... jejeje q original..

Copycat much? i love gaga but she totally ripped of madonnas express yourself if you dont believe me go check it out for urself

Keep representing the ILLUMINATI, Gaga! You were born that way! NO Joke buy buy sale viagra viagra I'm 13 and I happen to think this is terrible. All my friends say WOW SHE'S SO UNIQUE AND COOL but I'm not giving in to that crap. This is just her insane gimmick to ensure that she's in the headlines the next day (and it worked). I'm actually more interested in her clothes than her as a musician. I have no doubt she can sing, but she's got too much unnecessary hype. * * WATCH * * buy buy sale viagra viagra HEY LISTEN UP EVERYONE!!! Go to ɱy Pagè

yeah and when the dumb fucks gets out of debt and prison he is welcome to try

An Àpple ìPhone Check out our tips, advice, and stories at w w w. schoolhackers .info"
 Click My Name That guy was such a dumb ass. I want to see him try to kiss her ass later on to try to further his career. And Is it me or did does she write something using the fog from inside the egg. I think God or something. surprise. insane. . .( website  booya she sure was.sister monster. buy buy sale viagra viagra actually the jailbreak dongle PSJB came out way before any geohot cfw... buy discount cialis Yus. buy buy sale viagra viagra dont fuck with sony man they make good shit buy buy sale viagra viagra Meh Honestly, am I the only person who thinks she is a fucking idiot?!? Let it rain When Lady Gaga comes to an award show in an egg, she gets applause and considers it art. An Àpple ìPhone buy buy sale viagra viagra Kinda disappointed with how the song came out. :/ E first the terrible song (music not lyrics) In Ṁy Pr0file


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