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Well WAY back there was a piano player his name was Liberace and he was the first one to dress freakishly . And OLD people loved him,though really his shows were more about what he was wearing but I guess old people didn't care he was the highest paid entertainer of the time Moders and hackers are pussies nuff said
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OMG GIANT OVARY Yeah i can't believe how fucking stupid you are to. Get over it, bitch xoxo haha :) discount viagra mastercard Freê Åpple iPhoné  discount viagra mastercard The only original thing about this bitch is her nipple stamps.  i thought that too lol


LOL. wow. someone is crude just cause of something i voiced out as my own opinion. good job, son. -_- She is not good with out the drama she need it the dance moves was stupid !
Ḟree Ápple íPhone thats a wtf moment surprise. insane. . .( website ps3hax,net/2011/01/geohot-laws­­uit-press-release/#axzz1Dzkg8­7­Rs Frée Äpple iPhonè discount viagra mastercard my mouth is gaping open.....HOLY FUCK NUGGETS that was unexpected! XD NICE! cheapest viagra uk Frëe Ǎpple iPhonê discount viagra mastercard it's like a balance. When you don't have enough talent you have to do stuff like this in order to get people's attention. In Ṁy Pr0file discount viagra mastercard He can pay of his settlement after he gets signed with Eminem. she´s so damn stupid In Ṁy Pr0file PLEASE CHECK OUT THE VIDEO ON MY CHANNEL!! THANKS SO MUCH!!! In MƳ Ƈhannél discount viagra mastercard An Àpple ìPhone Umm. he didn't pirate anything.. I think you better read up about him before making statements like that. It has nothing do to about Pirating anything My videos can make Ur smile and laughing out loud (LOL) Thumbs Up, SO people can watch it!


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