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lets have sex Hello everyone. In case you did not know, this video is about a giant douchemonster talking about how much douche he caught in his trachea last night. It is advisable to keep a paper bag beside you while watching this video. Good day.
shes like a jukebox for homos i hope a hamnster gets lost in her anal cavity while shes gangbanging lance bass and rosie o donnel buy viagra without prescription Do you not recall that Geo really only started breaking down the PS3 when they took away OtherOS? Which was a driving factor behind my personal purchase of a PS3. Copycat much? i love gaga but she totally ripped of madonnas express yourself if you dont believe me go check it out for urself

And I'm a personification of freedom for all

While lawyers muddy water and TROs stall

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A genius spoiled brat that works his ass off and fights dumbass bureaucracy.

Yea right, she's in the actual egg or tas the lady says "interesting shell-like sculpture". She walking through the backdoor... What a loser
Dude. She stole everything about Madonna. this sounds like a Madonna song. She's trying to look like Madonna. I used to like Gaga. A LOT. But now. . .she's messed it all up.  3. the video above----the truest and most interesting video, I like it:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:] There is something wrong, LOL. First of all, you cant come to my house. I have rights to shoot you if you do it because you did not own it. But Sony sold the system to us so we have rights to do whatever we want with it. get my point? buy cheapest online viagra Ƒrom ɱy Pagé buy viagra in amsterdam This shit sounds like Enrique Iglesias.. Damn buy cheapest online viagra In MƳ Ƈhannél Ok, like WTF? the 'egg' was probably cleart when she got into it, but then as time went on and with her breathing it probably became all fogged up....she's probably thnking to herself, 'ahh shit...this didn't work out as planned, man is it fucking hot in here.' This whole stunt proves to me that she is indeed a fucking crack head. buy cheapest online viagra or Also props on Apple JB's. crap i dont see how its like madonnas song?? I agree she is talented but come on ... this is overboard ... an egg? really? buy cheapest online viagra repetitive lyrics  with what did u record this? with a potato? wow. . . i can't believe this. . .( web site the weirdest thing i ever see in a red carpet CURSED YouTube video, WARNING cursed DON'T SEE IT, 21 People already disappeared, USERNAME smile21277


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