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Yet another brilliant tune that I'm able to hear one hundred times daily. She is is certainly much superior as compared to Britney Spears IMHO, merely my words though. Britney is actually simply B.S (Britney Spears) HahahI found a web site to obtain this specific song's ring tone onto your mobile phone 100 % free@>(­) 3. the video above----the truest and most interesting video, I like it:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]
Ƒree Âpple îPhone cialis 20 Your a Fag, GTFO This guy (George Hotz) is getting sued by sony because he successfully "jailbroke" the Playstation 3 and allowed illegally obtained (not officially licensed) games to be played, along with giving full control of the system such as ps2 and ps1 backwards compatability. He is most famous for "Unlocking" the first iphones. allowing it to be used on all networks other than at&t. Hes done a lot more but those are just his worst.

and i dont mean that in a good way. when something you hate/dont like is shoved in your face its makes you want to say something right? like when SO MANY hateful comments are shoved in your face and it makes you want to say something.

way better than destorm

I have a feeling that next year, she will come in jeans and and tank...and converse. That will be the most shocking look yet! You're a dumbass man... sure I'd understand if you were against people who download games for free but this guy is a legit hacker. He knows many codes and understands them well. He didn't wreck anything and who cares if he got games for free. I remember the guys who hacked the United States a long time ago and I'll probably remember this guy. Maybe you should find something to be remembered for... oh right, you probably work at some lame ass McDonald's to "pay" for your games. buy cheap viagra on I just don't hear or see the resemblance to Madonna except is that both are very advant garde Lady Gaga is new day. Stop compairing her music to others she is her own talent in her own right. Get over it, Gaga has arrived.  I feel strong about her talent as does Elton John. At our ages I think we can pick the fine wine out of a bottles of standard wine. "that's hilarious" buy cheap viagra on your a bitch if you were carrying that shit she just has an ..... interestign fashion statement.

No talent? You have got to be kidding me.

This is the definition I found for the word gaga in Websters -------- Given to lighthearted silliness: empty-headed, featherbrained, flighty, frivolous, frothy, giddy, harebrained, lighthearted, scatterbrained, silly. Slang birdbrained, dizzy. Friggin half a frame per second
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