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attention whore But that's not why it failed. It failed because it was the first console what was fully hacked and killed the sales of all games. People pirate, no one has incentive to make games. This is why sega went bankrupt. And now... we have less options for gaming.
Yeah right...Like I said, stop listening to her trash ass music it is decaying your thinking on music as a whole. She looks like a flaming transsexual, despite all this 'talent', you are claiming her to possess. buy flomax ....this just isnt gaga

didn't i just watch this yesterday and it had 300 views

"that's hilarious"

viagra by the pill fuckin attention whore did they open this egg just for the show? She was trapped in there the whole time with her stinky ass farts!!! viagra by the pill ►▲▼▲►►▲▼♥♥ ♥◄▼♥►♥♥►▼► watch mee lol ;)

im with you all the way fuck sony all i wanted too due was use open office in my living room

one company for example Google, for the most part fully supports people "hacking"(manually editing the hardware or programming of a pre-existing electronic device or digital network) Would you be upset if Ford sued you for putting new tires on your truck? Or how about if you figured out how to make any product better in any way shape or form at home with your own tools? And then the owner of that product sues you. ouch right?! from plants 2 paintball guns We have found ways to improve them. she has beibers dick
HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA­AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA im with you all the way fuck sony all i wanted too due was use open office in my living room Get a NO Joke viagra by the pill Visit My Profíle cheap discount levitra Express Yourself by madonna sounds suspicipously similiar viagra by the pill HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA­AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA viagra by the pill From My Çhànnel An Àpple ìPhone Ƒree Âpple îPhone man, now i wanna sew him just to see what he says, maybe he'd write a ballad!! (: first of all, you should stfu, if you don't like her keep your mouth shut, but you know what haters are what make her famous, your hate = publicity, for example....miley cyrus??? she was hated on...justin bieber? he gets hated on aloott, but hes one of the most famous teens, second shes not slutty, she supports gays, and third she will always be better than you piece of shit, and if she decides not wear pants, its her choice, so chill your boner :P viagra by the pill Grande Geo!!! Ƒrom ɱy Pagé go play CoD ya faggets THE EULA is to do with the PSN network which he did not use at all so this has nothing to do with it. You better read up about what he did.. not what you think he did. its a shame she doesnt take the grammys seriously in my opinion


viagra by the pill
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