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she is completely studio, and production manufactured. She simply came out with the right music at the right time. Yes her music rips off Madonna, her style....there are many artist who dress all crazy David Bowie.....BJORK anyone??? Lady Gaga also has Lupus, she won't even be able to walk in 10 years because she's working herself to death. Honestly I feel sorry for her....
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I wish I had the opportunity to punch her in the fucking face hard enough to be happy I did so.

Three Best things in the World for me now: ): ): ): ): )

It's not legal if the company tells you not to. Which is exactly what he did, and then told everyone about it. check my entry for light it up contest click my channel viagra buy now pay later Omg I'm so tired of thus nasty bitch The way I see it both haters and fanboys need to calm the fuck down Lol sure is stupid to call her "god" but hate someone that you don't even is not healthy either. viagra buy now pay later Fuck yes Freè Ãpple ïPhone

You are a loser! I bet you even used a ipod jailbreak. Without him no free apps u dick nub. Its okay. I understand that you just got ur dick chopped down 1 cm to 0.5mm but you don't need to hate on him. This dude can piss on ur face and code a jailbreak before you finish answer 1+1.

ok when and where do you want to do the penetration or shall I ? An Àpple ìPhone
Quitting smoking isn't that easy. You don't just stop because you have 5k followers. She'll try and fail. geohot are a god, gays do not appreciate the job they are fools I Install your cfw and now I'm happy. SONY eatin shit shes such an attention whore Gσd βℓєѕѕϊиgѕ ўσυ viagra buy now pay later [Raises arms in the air to announce the creation of this egg/creature]  "Atlas she will hatch into a cosmic harlot freak. Mwahahahahar Hauhauhaaaaa" cheapest generic viagra JUSTIN BIEBER SLIPS AND FALLS @ THE GRAMMYS! HILARIOUS! viagra buy now pay later Go to your address bar, after the word YOU and before the word TUBE, type in "win" then press enter" i dont get her, thats embarrassing to me viagra buy now pay later V The most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. total fail with the commentation.. lawl NO Joke viagra buy now pay later Theres one're white. what is this video about? wow, i knew lady gaga was an attention whore, but this is fucking rediculous


viagra buy now pay later
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