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with a potato? That was so stupid but yet your comment made me laugh! hahahaha XDD It's the #2 song. cheap order site viagra Freè Ãpple ïPhone  cheap order site viagra Because he is awesome  I'M ON THE RIGHT TRACK BABY I WAS BORN THIS WAY!


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attention whore. Good luck kid, you're going to need it. Lol this is why she's unique coz i bet no one in the fucking world would ever make this kinda appearance in a bloody egg with an oxygen mask inside. Gotta love her!Well she's born this way(: Oh & i read in the news tt she implanted "horns" into her shoulder?lol..tts funny. SHE IS NOT IN THIS EGG... did she get stuck? cheap order site viagra buy viagra bradenton fuck off you troll sony ruins ps3 geohot fixes it XD cheap order site viagra /watch?v=tAF2v25zY4Y mr gaga cheap order site viagra the "same DNA... Born this way" thing killed me! what a stupid song for God's sake --' It was by far not the worst thing seen on the red carpet that night, but her self-loathing is starting to show. All in all an entire night in the exercise of bad taste and poor judgement. i was waiting for osama bin ladin to pop out... Grab Ƒrom ɱy Pagé I LOVE LADY GAGA, EVERYTHING SHE DO IS AMAZING TO ME. SHE HAVE HER OWN STYLE AND I LOVE IT, STOP HATING ON HER AND GET UR OWN LIFE cheap order site viagra hhahahahaahah  You're a fucking tool. Hacking is not synonymous with stealing, just so you know. Current pc tech (software and hardware) are thanks to generations of hackers. Many of the conveniences you enjoy are thanks to those who you call pussies and fags. You're a moron, you are apparently a loser and will die a loser no doubt. Usually it's the rednecks and hicks that prescribe to your line of reasoning. lady gaga is some fuck up bitch once ppl get sick of her trying to be different she will be forgotten.totally like wad said. big difference How can you say 'your music sucks' and then to give me input? Fuck your input, it means nothing. I'm not even going to take what you said into consideration...It's fine if you don't like my music, I'm not forcing your anonymous ass to like it. As long as the people on my page do, it doesn't matter. And if you like Lady Gaga, I wouldn't expect you to like it, because you don't know music.


cheap order site viagra
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