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Three Best things in the World for me now: ): ): ): ): ) no , you're a homo. The only thing I'll thumb up is your moms pussy
over !!! she's getting ugly... buy cheap uk viagra subscribe me :) & u get to see my lip/dancing videos... :) this video is fucking unwatchable

I'm actually amazed be her retardness....

Ƒrom ɱy Pagé

In MƳ Ƈhannél Urgh stupid Americans. Who Gives a FUCK what she looks like? it's Music, not glamour modelling... viagra brazil Because of THIS idiot, we don't have Linux. viagra brazil * * WATCH * * In Ṁy Pr0file

What he did tell me. What means cracking the firmware. He gave others the possibility to play games downloaded from torrent sites without paying for them. There is an EULA that says if you do this, this and this you will be persecuted by the law. It means that if you crack it you will be in prison from 6 months to 3 year.

what a fucking wierdo ! No worries, geohot can jailbreak after all :D
That's when you know you've had WAY too much cocaine. and look at all these people pasting the vid into their channel tryin to up their veiws To Get a She also get attention and views from haters like you Lol viagra brazil buy deal online online viagra viagra Yeah right...Like I said, stop listening to her trash ass music it is decaying your thinking on music as a whole. She looks like a flaming transsexual, despite all this 'talent', you are claiming her to possess. viagra brazil but your are a fucking weirdo too I'd blame Sony but that's too easy... viagra brazil You deserve to be sued. Don't to pay for games? Then fuck off you lazy faggot. Yes games cost money, because that money fuels developers and Sony to make more games and better consoles. You're just some fucking idiot ruining the industry because you wanna spend a long time on cracking a console security code to not pay for games than just getting a job and being a responsible adult. You're not some kid anymore. Grow up already. I hope Sony takes your parents' house away and puts you in prison. This song sucks. I thought she'd have more creativity... "You're," not "your." my friends going to record the reactions... Freè Ãpple ïPhone Go to ɱy Pagè viagra brazil Thats Madonna ponytail. NO Joke who the hell is talking? they sound lame as f**k hahah... He's an hero man !


viagra brazil
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