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crap If you don't care about the gaming industry, in which you don't, obviously none of this matters
Copycat much? i love gaga but she totally ripped of madonnas express yourself if you dont believe me go check it out for urself cheap viagra online Frëe Ǎpple iPhonê how incredibly generic.


what is this video about?

* * WATCH * * Ƒrom ɱy Pagé cheap canadian viagra i hope they stomp a huge mudhole in his ass.. people are getting pregnant now because trojan condoms have a shortage of latex thanks to this cheap canadian viagra She probably got that idea from that Chinese man’s home that is a self-made bamboo egg.  "I have recently created a website that is devoted to helping students cheat in school, get around school computers, and basically have one hell of a time in school without having to do any work.

a copy without an original.

and look at all these people pasting the vid into their channel tryin to up their veiws She writes song and this is what we get... lol. a song that's not so good... & she sounds bad live.........and her voice is alright... she is no Beyonce or Jennifer Hudson! Lmao!! Took her 10mins to write this crap and took less then 10min for everyone hate it. X(
Attention whore!  too funny  For a cheap canadian viagra Frëe Ǎpple iPhonê buy viagra viagra For a cheap canadian viagra sub i dont get her, thats embarrassing to me cheap canadian viagra PS3 in the background FTW wish i lived by Geo it's actually "pink power".. you guys ain't white. lady Ga Goof is an egomaniacal, pompas, haughty, vacuous, megalomaniacal, arrogant, self righteous, absorbed, caustic, guilt ridden, incredulous, narcissistic, self-aggrandizing, pretentious, androgynous plastic idol. Other than that she puts out some catchy hooks. GeoHot will win, and when he does it will change everything. In MƳ Ƈhannél third, i mean you judge her as evil worshiper and you arent so 'holy' to say that either. and how do you know she worships evil? i mean if you are so nice and good and saying gaga is evil worshiper based on facts, then i will believe you. but you arent so nice by leaving mean comments, so... yeah reality check please. cheap canadian viagra  In Ṁy Pr0file Besides the more you talk about her the more famous you make her so is contra productive. FAIL


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