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<3 u gaga!:D Nj , I live like 5 mins away from where you went to school and was born in I didn't realize we would have these type if geniuses here
An Àpple ìPhone buy discount viagra online hahahahaha 

She writes song and this is what we get... lol. a song that's not so good... & she sounds bad live.........and her voice is alright... she is no Beyonce or Jennifer Hudson! Lmao!! Took her 10mins to write this crap and took less then 10min for everyone hate it. X(

Yes she does write her own songs. And in the past wrote many songs for other artists.

Spinal Tap already did this. buy viagra where I've often wondered when someone would show up at the grammies with prosthetic shoulder horns - finally! buy viagra where NO Joke Talk about a lame rap.

thanks for making my iphone awesome dude  lol, you must be a real man now.
p= pocodot,? i am not so familiar with that. is that a new social network site? Lady Gaga is no Madonna. Even if she were, that wouldn't be saying much. Grab a copy without an original. buy viagra where To Get a buy viagra in london that is gay sony needs to get a life buy viagra where but I do know by definition it's correct to call you a faggot retard. buy viagra where An Àpple ìPhone here here a piece of advise: i dont really care. the video is weird already. and i wasnt at the exact place so i dont have the right to judge. but once again, do i care? no. as long as she looks fabulous. From My Çhànnel wow next Eminem? lol i didn't know he can rap xD but he's not bad at rapping man:) SEARCH►►►►►◄►►♥►BRANDO PARALYZED►►►►►◄►►♥► Scramble that egg.. GAGA= that lesbian Beiber buy viagra where From My Çhànnel She's definitely using Madonna for a large part of her inspiration. But lets be honest. Madonna didn't invent the pony tail and lot of her other looks. She was inspired by people to and found a way to make it her own and leave the mark that she did. Better to have someone like Gaga who can dance, sing live all of the time, stay on key and have genuine talent carry the torch than some hack who only knows what auto tune is. Merde!! where's the fucking superglue when you need it? imagine if somebody had glued it shut, "lady GaGa suffocates in stupid fucking egg pod"


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