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i really like her music.really do!but this performance for me is a little bit dissapointing..i dont know why but i always get chills by her when she performs. but not this time..maybe without all the costumes and crazy scenes her performances are just o.k.and this comes from a huge fan... Remember when music videos were uploaded by users and not VEVO
Geohot u suck u ruined my whole ps3 experience cheap online pill viagra People are stupid .. why do you instantley hate lady gaga after watching this?

Freê Åpple iPhoné


Visit Ṁy Profíle Not Kidding buy viagra viagra CLICK on "URBANNEWSNOW" right underneath here in the BLUE WRITING you do know this is a civil case...he can not go to jail. lulz buy viagra viagra In Ṁy Pr0file JEOPARDY IBM CHALLENGE WATSON EPISODE DAY 1 CHECK IT OUT NOW! THUMBS UP !

Because it's the reason for many people's purchase. I don't play games on my PS3 at all. not before it was hacked, and not after. I got it for the ability to have a badass bluray player that can natively boot linux. Then one day I updated to find out... no more linux... the feature is now just gone. Now I just spent to much on my bluray... until Graf and Geo fixed that :)

Quitting smoking isn't that easy. You don't just stop because you have 5k followers. She'll try and fail. Go RAp!
Bring in the clowns! geotard? Not Kidding I agree with the male commentator, not very conducive for an interview. Which is what they are there for lol buy viagra viagra This guy doesn't represent a major corporation such as Sony. Why would he have to be professional? He's just a regular person like you and me, except he can hack Sony. lulz. buy viagra online order buy viagra viagra Why did they sue you?? An Àpple ìPhone buy viagra viagra WHAT IS THE FUCKIN WORLD COMIN TO.? Essentially, I go "meh" damn, omg. . .( website oh thats just her egg she hides in when she's too high to deal with being in public NO Joke buy viagra viagra im not trying to be mean so will who ever stop posting bad commets on my thing Ḟree Ápple íPhone i can only image iron man and war machine walking on that red carpet... Your rap is awesome.. and I think we should have the right to do what ever the fuck we want, with the product we purchase with are hard earn money. I've seen people buying ps3 and wrecking it with a hammer--sony never complain about that . When ps3 first came out it was a great console with so many option(media card & linux)+ free online network, now I can't even watch you tube on it, so I got an Xbox.


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