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An Àpple ìPhone Contest is over, Geohot better be in that top 10.
I knew you were an asshole, quit being a hater, gaga is the shit! cheap herbal viagra Grab but I do know by definition it's correct to call you a faggot retard.

All of her music sucks. Period.

Freê Åpple iPhoné

You're a dumbass man... sure I'd understand if you were against people who download games for free but this guy is a legit hacker. He knows many codes and understands them well. He didn't wreck anything and who cares if he got games for free. I remember the guys who hacked the United States a long time ago and I'll probably remember this guy. Maybe you should find something to be remembered for... oh right, you probably work at some lame ass McDonald's to "pay" for your games. Hotz posted a YouTube video of his exploits titled “Jailbroken PS3 3.55 with Homebrew,” and even though he’s made the video private, Sony has demanded in court that Google hand over the “usernames and IP addresses [of people] that have posted or published ‘comments’ in response to the video.” cheap meltabs viagra the CHERMADONNAMARILYMANSONDAVIDBO­WIEAcRISTINAAGUIELERAcyndilaup­er of the year isssssss " LADY GAGA"-your not born that way lol ur born to be TOLD that way lol...  cheap meltabs viagra She was dropped when she was a baby. Egg-cellent. 

wow. . . i can't believe this. . .( web site

you agreed on me with this statement "I just assumed that a person that has such an opinion of what talent is when it comes to music, would be involved"
eggcelent # 1 attention whore way better than destorm So I'd be careful what you all post to this :p cheap meltabs viagra eggaga was born to sing for stupid brainwashed people. buy viagra prescription online From My Çhànnel cheap meltabs viagra Well, if you aren't talented, why are you worried about me? The conversation is about "Crazy" Gaga, so if you want to get personal, I can too. I had big 'expectation' for a person who said I "SUCKED". And what BTW, did you just say you were born talentless? I know you were, worthless ass...That's why you feel so connected to Lady "GayGay". So, what would you know about 'having talent' when even you, admitted to having any? O_o she has beibers dick cheap meltabs viagra Ƒree Âpple îPhone a few years back she was normal and on a reality tv show, so how exactly was she born this way? born to exploit gays? lol yeah sure. From My Çhànnel U and everyone you know, watch, like, and rate [as many times as u can] my Simek's Commercial video on Youtube from now until March 2nd!! Post link on your myspace, own website, youtube, facebook, twitter, hi5, etc. Frëe Ǎpple iPhonê cheap meltabs viagra Attention whore! Ƒree Âpple îPhone Frëe Ǎpple iPhonê -This is the reason rappers flick ashes in there Grammy's .  BOOBIES!!


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