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Haha, them haters be hatin'. Awesome job, George. Catchy beat. LOL!!!! I know RIGHT? cheap drugs viagra cialas Thanx in advance!! Much appreciated! Remember when you go to your youtube page and there wasn't an advertisement at the top of the page? cheap drugs viagra cialas people who take credit of others' works end up like him. pretty sure the people that wrote the codes are laughing their ass off while watching this. suck it up geohot, whine like the thief you are. you do know this is a civil case...he can not go to jail. lulz

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clearly there needs to be rules for the wannabe freaks. she is so lame and part of the entertainment machine. all her imagery is full of symbolism, that she cannot possibly know about unless she is also evil and satanic. I dnt get it??
Frée Äpple iPhonè Frëe Ǎpple iPhonê actually the jailbreak dongle PSJB came out way before any geohot cfw... sorry this chicks music is garbage and she is fucking retarded come on shes in a fucking egg really if you think shes cool your clearly 16 - 18 age range shit is mind numbing how people get brain washed by people this dumb Gaga is 24 years old. Her influences in music were inspired by glam rock artists like David Bowie and Queen, as well as pop singers such as Madonna and Michael Jackson, Gaga is well-recognized for her outré sense of style as a recording artist, in fashion. This is her, this is her style. She is Born This Way! = ^ ) cheap drugs viagra cialas lol the black guy reminds me of slavery.... why is that? buy real viagra online go play CoD ya faggets cheap drugs viagra cialas PLEASE CHECK OUT THE VIDEO ON MY CHANNEL!! THANKS SO MUCH!!! yes, it is - now go bow down before your Corporate God cheap drugs viagra cialas he looks like the typical bitch ass that went to school everyday and got punked for his lunch money.. and now hes got nothin to do but fuck up all the nice things paying customers pay to enjoy like the ps3.. Awesome. It's the #2 song. This guy would make a good rapper. I'm not even a big fan of rap, but this beat got me hooked. Go RAp! Visit Ṁy Profíle cheap drugs viagra cialas No you sure aren't. I agree she's fucking dumb. Visit Ṁy Profíle Freè Ãpple ïPhone Well...there are enough losers to still cheer for her. that lady has problems


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