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lol geohot just stick to writing my jailbreaks bro
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NO Joke

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Actually what's funny is that, you have no subscribers(: get the hell off the internet you pathetic piece of shit.
Friggin half a frame per second OPRAH IMITATION! “VALENTINE FAVORITE THINGS SHOW” (FUNNY VIDEO) This guy (George Hotz) is getting sued by sony because he successfully "jailbroke" the Playstation 3 and allowed illegally obtained (not officially licensed) games to be played, along with giving full control of the system such as ps2 and ps1 backwards compatability. He is most famous for "Unlocking" the first iphones. allowing it to be used on all networks other than at&t. Hes done a lot more but those are just his worst. If I was in your place..I'd have stopped somewhere in the middle..!! order prescription viagra u look like a retard. cheap deal pill pill viagra Frée Äpple iPhonè order prescription viagra order prescription viagra I wouldn't call what he's doing freedom, but neither would I call it tyranny. In MƳ Ƈhannél For a Ƒree Âpple îPhone ◄♥►♥▲►►♥♥♥ SEX-LIVE-ON-CAM.info ►♥►►►►♥►▼♥ watch mee lol ;) surprise. wow ,,(rumorcontrol.info)nuts webpage order prescription viagra Love it Geohot. Nice one. F*ck $ony. My 16-year-old sister Alex has agreed to quit smoking if I can get 5,000 followers. Serious. follow on Twitter! Get a that's fucking awesome! haha who is she wearing btw?


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