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if geohot's battle with Sony was a rap battle he would've already won Then don't download MP3's. The distribution of .flac is free because it's open source and has the same suond quality of a .wav file. There is no reason to download mp3s over lossless unless you own an ipod, which cannot play .flac fail ipod.
Visit Ṁy Profíle buy real viagra pharmacy online I feel sorry for the "SLAVES" of gaga. This bitch threat other as inferior to her. She is the BIGGEST joke in music history... XD ▼►◄►►♥♥►►▼ ►►►♥▼►►►►♥ my vaginaa hehe

Okay....So let's pretend that you own Sony. Would you let some punk ass kid get away with doing this to your company? I don't fucking think so....

NO Joke

o yea 2 all u diks that say shes not good anymore (((((( tell that 2 the ))) 30 country's that have it as number 1 ?? :) In Ṁy Pr0file buy viagra over the counter  says the guy watching it on a computer?!!? she has beibers dick buy viagra over the counter subscribe me :) & u get to see my lip/dancing videos... :)

go play CoD ya faggets

master chief was born this way its stupid... no one in the world would do it because of that. its just plain stupid and for attention because her music sucks.
.....ok? Ḟree Ápple íPhone does anyone here like dragonball? If you do please watch my dragonball theme music on my place. please i need more comments on it. It's in hd so the quality is good!! ►►▲►♥►♥►▲♥ ▼♥♥♥►♥►►►► my pussyy lol Ḟree Ápple íPhone buy viagra over the counter GeoHot is going to Pwn Sony buy plavix I knew you were an asshole, quit being a hater, gaga is the shit! buy viagra over the counter NO Joke check my entry for light it up contest click my channel buy viagra over the counter wat it do guys check out my channel ive got a hilarious vid comin out tomoro and more days after that!! subscribe and giv me ideas for more of my vids! we will do almost anything so say wat u want and we will probly do it. dont go to this if ur one of those dumb youtube haters who dislikes evrything. just if ur willing to stick with us till we make it big!!! For a Freê Åpple iPhoné weird bitch! It's the #2 song. what do you mean by talent? is talent ability to drop hateful comment on people's videos? then you got talent ;) buy viagra over the counter I was expecting her to come out covered in slime or something. I hope she sufficates. youre the ignorant one!!...i cant believe how fucking stupid you are.  And Nintendo doesn't give a shit.


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