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Visit Ṁy Profíle I thoguht you said "no I'm Jewish, I dare you" that woulda been much funnier Geo.......
wooow i love her more and more everyday buy levitra online viagra WTF twat. Go to the app store and download the free app "checkpoints". When registering, use the bonus code '19npk95'. Enjoy the iTunes gift card!!


well good to know. thanks for sharing. but do i care? no.

dats sum zoolander shit too much weed and whiskey! buy viagra online u sry not the ugliest there are real big fat bitches in america so fat you have to role them-_- buy viagra online u I'm 13 and I happen to think this is terrible. All my friends say WOW SHE'S SO UNIQUE AND COOL but I'm not giving in to that crap. This is just her insane gimmick to ensure that she's in the headlines the next day (and it worked). I'm actually more interested in her clothes than her as a musician. I have no doubt she can sing, but she's got too much unnecessary hype. Get a


For a I feel sorry for Humanity :( !
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