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People who are defending egohot either owns a iPhone or a xbox 360
discount viagra brand drug In MƳ Ƈhannél  thats funny how you think you are right. lol

Remember when there wasn't advertisements that never go away?

nooooooo dont let her out!!!!

her songs are soo forgetable... she has no talent..she just imitating what others have done and just adding some money factor called sex in between.. this is the problem with the new generation... their so stuck with the top 40 chart that they are missing the better stuff... the badge on his page is wrong hes #1 on you tube right now for most views dude g8 fucking work lol buy viagra online now buy viagra  fuck all of you edwin chen says that he is gay buy viagra online now buy viagra his name was on the ps3 hacking sites "that's hilarious"


In MƳ Ƈhannél Fyi, her name came from a song called "Radio Gaga"
I WANT HER TO FUCK ME!!!! WITH HER DICK You are a loser! I bet you even used a ipod jailbreak. Without him no free apps u dick nub. Its okay. I understand that you just got ur dick chopped down 1 cm to 0.5mm but you don't need to hate on him. This dude can piss on ur face and code a jailbreak before you finish answer 1+1. there is a metaphor i think She is insane, as well as her fans are It's not the fact that he hacked it, it's the fact that he releases the hack to others. I'll read the reports on these articles and I'll see kids commenting "I'm using this hax! I haxed PS3 AND I DunT HAv 2 pay for games!" People who don't deserve the right to call themselves hackers. People who should have to pay for games. People who just follow a .doc file on how to run the program and leach off society. buy viagra online now buy viagra Please don't use that audio. purchase levitra your a bitch if you were carrying that shit buy viagra online now buy viagra i can only image iron man and war machine walking on that red carpet... For a buy viagra online now buy viagra and yes, your music sucks. well the beat isnt, but the way you sing. it sounds confusing (now i am giving real input, not putting you down) you should sing louder/ put your main vocal when you mix louder than the background song. just an input. ►▲►►►►►►▲◄ ▼►►▼►►♥▼▲► watch mee ;) attention whore at its finest surprise. insane. . .( website  of Homosexuals buy viagra online now buy viagra Lmfaooo.!! I love his face while doing this Because it's the reason for many people's purchase. I don't play games on my PS3 at all. not before it was hacked, and not after. I got it for the ability to have a badass bluray player that can natively boot linux. Then one day I updated to find out... no more linux... the feature is now just gone. Now I just spent to much on my bluray... until Graf and Geo fixed that :) Your fucking awesome! /watch?v=tAF2v25zY4Y /watch?v=tAF2v25zY4Y


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