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total fail with the commentation.. lawl  BOOBIES!!
with what did u record this? with a potato? buy levitra viagra online Hey Search Youtube For KoolAidJones Or Come To My Page Im A teenage Rapper And im 100% Sure You'll Like My Music!!! yeah because thats normal.....

WHAT THE FUCK? hahahaha weird. i can just imagine them suddenly dropping the thing hahaha

ive seen alot of her "bulge" photos

Yo if you ever make a Iron Man suit I will rock that joint with the quickness! what a crazy biatch buy viagra online in To Get a why do you instantley hate lady gaga after watching this? buy viagra online in Im pretty sure she calls her self lady gaga after a Queen song so this is what happens when sony files a law suit against you?

maybe i should buy a new brain. but if i was born that way, who cares. so what if she promotes homosexuality? its her choice. did she ask you to be gay? no. does she ask you to like her? no.

lol geohot just stick to writing my jailbreaks bro she just has an ..... interestign fashion statement.
NO Joke  that says A LOT about her as a singer :) : Thanks for the heads up. Appreciate it. buy viagra online in Ƒrom ɱy Pagé order viagra viagra Nice :-). buy viagra online in wow next Eminem? lol i didn't know he can rap xD but he's not bad at rapping man:) Freê Åpple iPhoné buy viagra online in sure say what you want. god knows who is the right one :) it is useless to have a debate with you. its fine if you dont like lady gaga. i didnt force you to like her. Get a Visit Ṁy Profíle I knew she was BAD but I had NO idea it was THIS BAD!  buy viagra online in For a Ƒree Âpple îPhone surprise. wow ,,( webpage BUT SHE IS NICE , SHE IS CONTINIOUING THE POP CONTROVERSY AND THAT IS GOOD. Gaga is just the latest in a long line of suckers of Satan's cock.


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