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lady gaga is the most overrated singer ever i mean shes supposed to be like better than madonna and beyonce and she just become an artist i mean shes really not even that good ill give her props on bad romance but thats about it, she came in a meat dress before and shit like thats mad obnoxious, and the name lady gaga comes from lady gaia which is the ancient sacred name given to mother earth, so to call herself that is the most disrespectful thing GeoHot is going to Pwn Sony
Damn see how everyone else has to try and get out of the way to accommodate that thing?! Thats just being an inconsiderate asshole... buy prescription viagra Nearly like Britney Spears : ), it's stunning!

The only people who don't think she is stealing from Madonna are the super fans who are blinded by the rediculous outfits. I remember when Lady gaga was on that mtv show boiling points. She was nothing like this. She is so fake lol

Frëe Ǎpple iPhonê wtf??!!! discount cialis i liked it Die bitch die !!!!!!! Lady kaka !!!!! SUCKS WANNA BE MODANA !!!! POSERZ discount cialis p= pocodot,? i am not so familiar with that. is that a new social network site?

She should've performed Bad Romance instead. This song is just BORING.

I just read a lot of no no words in these comments fuck i thought that was fernando torres on the front carrying that egg thingy
ou man, buy a TV :) He'll get locked up and do a little time..Then like all the hackers b4 him, he'll blow up and get paid a ton of dough by some securities company... What i wouldn't give for them to drop the stupid egg! Fucking ugly bitch, I hope she dies discount cialis In Ṁy Pr0file buy viagra online without prescription Get a discount cialis Freè Ãpple ïPhone Get your head out of your ass, and quit acting like a victim you fucking whore. discount cialis  Ahahahahaha...What would you know about music, you think Lady "GayGay" is talented, you clown...Just saying...Go suck one, you were born to do it. Why don't you make some 'music' like your idol, and show me how it's done? Yeah...I didn't think so. With your blank channel, talentless ass. y is this shitty quality got on the mostg viewed mine better People are stupid .. For a i love you Geo discount cialis Look how rays name was spelled dumbasses RIDICULA Bring in the clowns! damn, omg. . .( website Hey guys, miss playing old tony hawk games online for the pc or ps2? contact me on my channel and rejoin the living community!


discount cialis
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