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LOVELY performance...but the quality of the actual video itself...I'm still going to Like because the performance is so amazing! WOW! Gaga and her BOY LOVE ENERGY are soaring into orbit with this single!!
OMG!!!! why is she in an egg, She might hatch! lol usa cialis I have the same clock as you =D check my entry for light it up contest click my channel

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i was just asking, what "talent" is in your dictionary? cus i know gaga is talented. she writes music, she sings live, her voice is great. WATCH IT NOW! buy viagra online australia free black ops challenge lobby, add Niggubz or Nggbz on psn. Visit Ṁy Profíle buy viagra online australia geohot are a god, gays do not appreciate the job they are fools I Install your cfw and now I'm happy. SONY eatin shit sorry this chicks music is garbage and she is fucking retarded come on shes in a fucking egg really if you think shes cool your clearly 16 - 18 age range shit is mind numbing how people get brain washed by people this dumb

You my friend just explained it all.With your comment I don't have to type a damn thing.Thumbs up.

i can only image iron man and war machine walking on that red carpet... Skank.
LOL youre the ignorant one!!...i cant believe how fucking stupid you are. LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT MELOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT MELOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT MELOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT MELOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT MELOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME It's not legal if the company tells you not to. Which is exactly what he did, and then told everyone about it. buy viagra online australia This song sucks. I thought she'd have more creativity... buy viagra in canada Because he is awesome  buy viagra online australia In Ṁy Pr0file buy viagra online australia Gaga has a message to all you spammers ( ) its funny how he has a PS3 in the background xD naked gaga in your ball!!!! hilarious!!!!! We will never support pokodot cos they resort to spamming other sites just to advertise. And yes, I misspelt that on purpose. Thumb this up to tell them to FUCK OFF. yes indeed, you are very welcome. change is fabulous. Thanks for making my iPhone completely epic!!!! Yeah thats all I have to say.... So...bye............. buy viagra online australia It's for her new song 'Born This Way'. In her Performance, she is being 'born'. Romans revenge much ?? thumbs up if you know what I'm talking about. this isnt even creative she just wants attention I'm shitting myself on a bus and then taking a taxi home when i reach 5k in subs... first of all, you should stfu, if you don't like her keep your mouth shut, but you know what haters are what make her famous, your hate = publicity, for example....miley cyrus??? she was hated on...justin bieber? he gets hated on aloott, but hes one of the most famous teens, second shes not slutty, she supports gays, and third she will always be better than you piece of shit, and if she decides not wear pants, its her choice, so chill your boner :P


buy viagra online australia
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