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What a waste of time, money, energy and talent. Wish she'd actually sing - it's a good voice. Ƒrom ɱy Pagé
Sounds like MADONNA.......... LOSER! usa cialis she didn't stop for interviews....that's rude.

Come at me bro.

i dont get it... i like her music but i just dont get this.

hey geohot, remember don't drop the soap... buy viagra online australia Somebody's in denial You know what happened to Dreamcast because of people you respect? It died. buy viagra online australia Grab


she already has attention you stupids!!  lol
Is she approaching retirement? LOL u idiot  says the guy watching it on a computer?!!? I have a feeling that next year, she will come in jeans and and tank...and converse. That will be the most shocking look yet! buy viagra online australia Actually Gaga wrote "Telephone" and gave it to britney, britney never put it on her album. So Gaga took it back. Trust me I know. buy viagra in canada Not Kidding buy viagra online australia moralfag buy viagra online australia If you don't like her... don't look at her. She's not talentless. She's been playing the piano since she was four... She's been a songwriter for some of the biggest names. She has changed the music world and because of her - kids will not be bullied anymore because it is okay to be different. PLUS your opinion doesn't even matter... she's laughing her way to the bank. Learn to change the channel, music station and youtube channel. i see nipples hahahaha I hate how she tries everything to stand out. she just looks stupid Fucking weirdo lol  looks like an alien egg buy viagra online australia HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA­AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ... AND THE EGG WAS ABSOLUT PERFECT GAGA!!!!!!!! ♥►►♥►♥♥▲►♥ ►♥♥▼►►▼►►♥ my pussyy lol Ḟree Ápple íPhone Three Best things in the World for me now: ): ): ): ): )


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