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with a potato? That was so stupid but yet your comment made me laugh! hahahaha XDD what the her music but she needs help
Jesus Christ.... order viagra online a href The only original thing about this bitch is her nipple stamps. what is this video about?

Frée Äpple iPhonè

*fuck you sony for banning me permanetly*

i was waiting for osama bin ladin to pop out... buy prescription viagra Lol dino egg. Go RAp! buy prescription viagra Grab Click My Name

i love the awkward nerd side of him that showed when he turned to his computer to stop recording

It's not the fact that he hacked it, it's the fact that he releases the hack to others. I'll read the reports on these articles and I'll see kids commenting "I'm using this hax! I haxed PS3 AND I DunT HAv 2 pay for games!" People who don't deserve the right to call themselves hackers. People who should have to pay for games. People who just follow a .doc file on how to run the program and leach off society. why do you reply to me? i dont really care X(
Go to ɱy Pagè BLINK IS BACK! Goddam what a badass NO Joke Geohot creates the software that ALLOW you to hack your PS3, he doesnot put a gun on your head and make you to do so. Nothing wrong about what he did, people always have the rights to choose what they will do with it. Guess what, Sony will still make money through it and there still lots of people will buy a game to support it. Nothing will change. The one who did not want to spend their money on games still wont pay a cent for them. buy prescription viagra this corporation is full of criminals and thieves, they just have the right to do it because of the "law'.. and well, if you believe everything in the US constitution and the rule of law is correct well then.. i feel sorry for you cheap viagra canada no I'm actually 3. buy prescription viagra Please click on my name to go to my channel and watch both parts of a vid I just made (I only have 2 vids on that channel). Lady Gaga is on another level. So is Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Rihanna. Don't worship these people, you don't kno them like u think u do. You don't believe me? Watch it, then reply to this message and prove me wrong. Check out my All The Small Things drum cover! Studio quality! 1080P HD video! buy prescription viagra ok when and where do you want to do the penetration or shall I ? she is obsessed with being famous and noticed. obsessed. ohhh, I get it, she was "BORN THIS WAY"... :D To Get a I love hackers...who wants to pay for a game when u could get it for free. Got my xbox modded. Free games for life. Haha megan fox buy prescription viagra She is insane, as well as her fans are What did he do to get sued? Anyone? Keep representing the ILLUMINATI, Gaga! You were born that way! LOOK FOR US ON FB- LOVE BIBBOL WORLD She's slutty, yes. She likes sex, yes. But her outfits? They don't scream slutty. They scream creativity. And if you really don't like her, then why did you even go to this video?


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