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Man you are like a hero, my iphone say thanks : ) and my ps3 is waiting /watch?v=tAF2v25zY4Y
you can degrade me, i have no problem with that lol. i wont comment on your 'personal' stuff anymore. it was just becos you said gaga is not talented, then i thought you were a good singer/composer/whatever. buy deal viagra and the same happened to apple... jealous!!! so shut you pie hole!!!

So fucking weird!

why do you reply to me? i dont really care X(

[Raises arms in the air to announce the creation of this egg/creature]  "Atlas she will hatch into a cosmic harlot freak. Mwahahahahar Hauhauhaaaaa" lol JAJAJJAJA viagra and cialis and i want to live in his room O.o viagra and cialis and weird bitch! idk if she sucked i just think this song sucks with a passion its retarded.

All of her music sucks. Period.

and i thought i was retarded.... Ḟree Ápple íPhone
oh man, you're born with legs to walk. we walk, we are born this way. learn something from your own song. mimed. no wonder she looks like very ugly dinosaur with a potato? That was so stupid but yet your comment made me laugh! hahahaha XDD 2. 55shopping. Com --the Cheapest Shopping site viagra and cialis and NO Joke buy viagra online paypal Remember when music videos were uploaded by users and not VEVO viagra and cialis and Lady Gaga=worst singer in the century and one of the ugliest too check my entry for light it up contest click my channel viagra and cialis and looser much What a shetard! TO HATERS..HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT SHE'S CRYING FOR ATTENTION IF YOU CAN'T EVEN SEE HER?? To Get a CAMERA SHY MUCH? viagra and cialis and Dreamcast sucked balls To Get a To Get a Let's hope GOOGOOGAGA doesn't make a 'The Fame' album Part 3!!! So many songs on The Fame Monster are the same as The Fame. Even the, SUPPOSEDLY, song 'speechless' about her dad was cloned from The Fame. Bitch COPIES so much she copies herself. I see she's INSPIRED, AGAIN!! LOLLLLL!!! MADONNA-EXPRESS YOURSELF!!!. GOOGOO is a PSYCHO who's milking the gays for everything she can. A twisted, FAKE, FLAKE, COPYCAT PSYCHOOO!! Who will inspire the next outfits? INSPIRED! LMAO! FUCKING THIEF! Grab


viagra and cialis and
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