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I hate how she tries everything to stand out. she just looks stupid buy viagra new york oh man, you're born with legs to walk. we walk, we are born this way. learn something from your own song. "Hacking anything is illegal, don't say something stupid like "I bought the console, I can do anything I want with it". So that's why hacking the iPhone is legal ??? Get real bro u didn't prove anything besides the fact that u are 1) Sony bitch 2) uneducated child that doesn't understand that u personally, by not hacking ur console are giving Sony every right to steal ur rights lool and saying ohh "I don't care Sony u can take linux and features I paid for away, no problem"

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what the her music but she needs help Lady Gaga don't forget to express yourself!  buy online levitra cialis viagra i just dont understand some of the things she does.. maybe something are just better off unsaid it has to be like 150degrees in that thing, just saying... buy online levitra cialis viagra how old are you? like 5? well...she is gaga.....

WTF is on her shoulders?!

Lady Copycat But so many of us DO BUY, but the companies dictate to us how and when we can enjoy what we buy. I live in a country where I must use hacks in order to enjoy media in my own language. This is media I BUY!
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