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You fucken HATERS ,...he is the reason you have a jailbroken phone and can jail your ps3 . you should instead support this brain in every aspect. You fuckers are just jealous you can't do what he does. Man ppl r so un-thankful. Again fuck all of you haters. GEOHOT I hope you win and I know you will bro and I wish you the best . Just never join the dark side (the corporations). And again fuck all of you assholes who do not support this guy Kevin Butler should make a rap in response. He could totally pwn Geohot in a rap off.
RWJ!! buy p viagra what a joke she is. Creepy shoulder!!!!!!!!!!

Yo!!! Geohot In Daz Houze!

The performance is HOT, the recording is crap..... Cant wait for her official post so I can see it and not have to listen to someone breathing in the background.....

 I used a screen recorder. Originally made by GlassPaperBag buy now viagra check my entry for light it up contest click my channel jewro beats any rapper buy now viagra HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA­AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Originally made by GlassPaperBag

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wow, i knew lady gaga was an attention whore, but this is fucking rediculous An Àpple ìPhone
Ḟree Ápple íPhone But so many of us DO BUY, but the companies dictate to us how and when we can enjoy what we buy. I live in a country where I must use hacks in order to enjoy media in my own language. This is media I BUY! Freè Ãpple ïPhone I love to design things and I would love it if you cheeked my channel out AUSTIN WARREN DESIGN Merde!! buy now viagra cheapest line viagra check my entry for light it up contest click my channel buy now viagra How dare did you "dislike" this video? Does your mom work for SONY? :/ buy now viagra Thumbs Up, SO people can watch it! wow you can't spell for shit ahahahaha shes a tranny she dresses normal in public because she is normal its all an act to sell records its pretty simple take someone make them identify with all the lonely losers out there and turn them into stardom its simple business really. get off her jock damn Who cares if it sounds like Madonna lady gaga is so much better and madonnas career is DEAD!!!!! BORN THIS WAY MEANS THAT SHE IS A FUCKING WEIRDO. buy now viagra A REAL Little Monster is a free thinker and does not have to agree with the crowd. You sound like some teenager who is along to follow the crowd and their opinion, rather than be creative, think for yourself, and have your own opinions. You can love it all you want, never said anyone has to agree with me but everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and mine is this songs style does not live up to her usual work., and sounds like a madonna ripoff. sorry this chicks music is garbage and she is fucking retarded come on shes in a fucking egg really if you think shes cool your clearly 16 - 18 age range shit is mind numbing how people get brain washed by people this dumb Yo if you ever make a Iron Man suit I will rock that joint with the quickness! Dont you have some prego vids to go watch..your mainframe is open..ha And she's not An ATTENTION WHORE BECAUSE?


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