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To Get a My dad said "Look its Lady Gaga! The freak!".
naked gaga in your ball!!!! hilarious!!!!! buy viagra online a href NO Joke 


the CHERMADONNAMARILYMANSONDAVIDBO­WIEAcRISTINAAGUIELERAcyndilaup­er of the year isssssss " LADY GAGA"-your not born that way lol ur born to be TOLD that way lol...

Not Kidding Real talk she is getting Hella annoying. buy locally viagra check my entry for light it up contest click my channel For a buy locally viagra Man you are like a hero, my iphone say thanks : ) and my ps3 is waiting I'm a clam!

Win. Just... win. I've loved Sony for years, but you fucking rule, geohot.

is she bringing back slavery? What a fucking attention whore
 And Nintendo doesn't give a shit. sure say what you want. god knows who is the right one :) it is useless to have a debate with you. its fine if you dont like lady gaga. i didnt force you to like her. people who take credit of others' works end up like him. pretty sure the people that wrote the codes are laughing their ass off while watching this. suck it up geohot, whine like the thief you are. Ḟree Ápple íPhone Not Kidding buy locally viagra Grab cipro 20 And I have NEVER heard of Arcade Fire. How'd they win Album of the Year?? WHO THE HECK ARE THEY?! buy locally viagra Ƒree Âpple îPhone You fill dockets, like thats a concept foreign to y'all buy locally viagra did they open this egg just for the show? She was trapped in there the whole time with her stinky ass farts!!! lady gaga is some fuck up bitch once ppl get sick of her trying to be different she will be forgotten.totally like wad said. big difference i guess that idea's taken from her new song born this way..haha! so she is hatched from an I feel sorry for the one black guy who has to be practically naked, just so Lady Gag-When-I-Listen-To-Her-Music can get off for being an attention whore. buy locally viagra I think her name should be Lady Gag. That looks like a comfortable chair... No? Ƒree Âpple îPhone IF you guys didn't know, Pocodot is a new social network site. But stupid people like 123iamhere23 is an admin or whatever advertising for their site. Dont believe me? Look at when the account is created in his profile. THEIR USING YOUTUBE TO ADVERTISE THEIR POCODOT SHITTY SITE. THUMB THEM DOWN. and thumb me up so people will know. †ђąηk ўσυ ♥♥


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