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Are you stupid? Why would I not know what it is? I thought you were a good "singer/composer/whatever", too. I guess we both were wrong about each other...Especially me, you don't even have a video or anything for me to critique you and say you suck. I feel sorry for the one black guy who has to be practically naked, just so Lady Gag-When-I-Listen-To-Her-Music can get off for being an attention whore.
Are you high? order viagra online consumer rx Frëe Ǎpple iPhonê Madonna has always sung her own music. Lady Gaga has a decent voice for the recent pop stars, but to compare almost any pop star today to Madonna in the 80s today's pop star will lose.......badly. The blatant rip off of Madonna's material is just further proof.

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i used to like her but i can't stand her anymore, omg!! she thinks her egg idea is so cool when in fact it's super ridiculous.. It's just a matter of time before she disappears. And her new song is shit!! + her performance is a fail!  --' RIP Lady gaga (2008-2010)

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You are kidding. I saw Britney on her last 'live' tour and the whole show was a lipsynch. The only time her microphone was switched on was between songs. I've been to many concerts and can tell the difference between someone singing live and when they are miming to a track. And on Madonna's 'Confessions' tour at least two songs she did by miming.

LADY GAGA FALLS ON HER ASS @ THE GRAMMYS! HILARIOUS! If you don't like her... don't look at her. She's not talentless. She's been playing the piano since she was four... She's been a songwriter for some of the biggest names. She has changed the music world and because of her - kids will not be bullied anymore because it is okay to be different. PLUS your opinion doesn't even matter... she's laughing her way to the bank. Learn to change the channel, music station and youtube channel.
dovresti ammazzarti! on YOUTUBE subscribe me :) & u get to see my lip/dancing videos... :) buy generic viagra online pharmacy online now others can create new games things you wouldn't of seen before to be able to do more with your machine Sony should learn from this and adapt and use it to their advantage instead of publicly embarrassing themselves but hey what do i know... usa cialis weird lady... buy generic viagra online pharmacy online Three Best things in the World for me now: ): ): ): ): ) Your not the real raywillianjohnson so GET A LIFE!!!! buy generic viagra online pharmacy online Just wrong choice of words. Not Kidding mature To Get a girls to me my Valentine? ): I don't have one. For a buy generic viagra online pharmacy online reminds me of the movie about rock bands Spinal Tap Not Kidding jealous!!! so shut you pie hole!!!  Madonna didn't invent the ponytail -.-


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