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Ahahahahahahaha...Go buy a new brain on Craig's list, your is defective from listening to too much Lady "GayGay". I have no problem with pop, I just have a problem with her promoting homosexuality and stupidity in all of her videos. I wasn't born like Lady Gaga, are you nuts! This song doesn't relate to me! discount viagra sale online Not Kidding its fine. you can call me what ever you like lol. you are such a wannabe. and you arent even close to lady gaga's talent. are we done talking? cos i have much more important things to do.

I made a clan called Rawr. If you would like to try out add RAWR_M40. PS3 only

you can rap but you seem too awkward to be a rapper, ya know? not necessarily a crowd pleaser

and I HOPE TO GOD THAT SONY PUTS OUT A FUCKING RAP RESPONSE TO THIS HOW AMAZING WOULD THAT BE!? FREE BLUMPKINS TO ALL WHO SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!! ;) (maybe not....but then again, are you willing to risk a BLUMPKIN lololol) . . but forreal . . u mite get one . . and obvi u want one . . so why risk that s#!t . . . . SUBSCRIBE you b@st@rds!!!! . . lol blumpkin buy generic viagra eggaga was born to sing for stupid brainwashed people. buy generic viagra Well I think she was trying to focus on the "meaning" of the song rather than a "strange" performance as some would say. Yes, it does sound like some song's I have heard before. There's a lot people out there who slightly rip off another song. Do I think that's right? Not really. But if that's how they want their song then you just have to live with the unoriginality if your a fan who will support her no matter what. E

i was waiting her to pop out of the egg, but she didn't... disappointed.....

yeah and when the dumb fucks gets out of debt and prison he is welcome to try Visit My Profíle
Grab Painful... Because it's the reason for many people's purchase. I don't play games on my PS3 at all. not before it was hacked, and not after. I got it for the ability to have a badass bluray player that can natively boot linux. Then one day I updated to find out... no more linux... the feature is now just gone. Now I just spent to much on my bluray... until Graf and Geo fixed that :) she is so fucking weird Fuck that someone needs to slap her. buy generic viagra Visit Ṁy Profíle order viagra Visit Ṁy Profíle buy generic viagra Dreamcast sucked balls her entrance is more popular than her performance buy generic viagra how old are you? like 5? and the same happened to apple... lol bro lol and anybody here didn't i just watch this yesterday and it had 300 views Lmfaooo.!! I love his face while doing this Satonic bitch lol buy generic viagra LADY GAGA FALLS ON HER ASS @ THE GRAMMYS! HILARIOUS! Frée Äpple iPhonè Ƒrom ɱy Pagé Go to ɱy Pagè Freè Ãpple ïPhone


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