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her voice is really good live but this song and performance was kinda boring buy cheap viagra online uk very professional..... I'm a Lady Gaga fan, but I think she's been on some heavy acid since 2010.

She can't sing and that song sucks... Sorry. but her others were OKAY but this one is just BADDDD!! lol....15mins are over.....Ke$ha is taking ur spot because she is still a drunken slooopp and thats what we want from

Hey threes a PS3 in the background lol

Oh look a Madonna rehash. It would have been funny if they had dropped her and she fell out of the egg. 2. 55shopping. Com --the Cheapest Shopping site viagra and coupon ♥►►►◄►◄►▼▼ ►▼►♥♥►►▲▲♥ my tittiess lol A rip off of This is Spinal Tap Rock n Roll Creation. viagra and coupon Wtf did she bring slaves from egypt or something!!? o.0 Well, if you aren't talented, why are you worried about me? The conversation is about "Crazy" Gaga, so if you want to get personal, I can too. I had big 'expectation' for a person who said I "SUCKED". And what BTW, did you just say you were born talentless? I know you were, worthless ass...That's why you feel so connected to Lady "GayGay". So, what would you know about 'having talent' when even you, admitted to having any? O_o

Freê Åpple iPhoné

Yus. Windows 95 ftw
Frëe Ǎpple iPhonê girls to me my Valentine? ): I don't have one. first of all, you should stfu, if you don't like her keep your mouth shut, but you know what haters are what make her famous, your hate = publicity, for example....miley cyrus??? she was hated on...justin bieber? he gets hated on aloott, but hes one of the most famous teens, second shes not slutty, she supports gays, and third she will always be better than you piece of shit, and if she decides not wear pants, its her choice, so chill your boner :P Lipsing much? i liked it viagra and coupon An Àpple ìPhone buy viagra over the counter us viagra and coupon Romans revenge much ?? thumbs up if you know what I'm talking about. To Get a viagra and coupon she's amazing.... In MƳ Ƈhannél free apple in my ass weirdooo Wtf...... viagra and coupon crap NO Joke Frée Äpple iPhonè


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