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THis is a rip off of a Madonna, how is Madonna not suing the crap outta her??? Get a
I knew she was BAD but I had NO idea it was THIS BAD! viagra and coupon Ƒree Âpple îPhone check my entry for light it up contest click my channel

Satonic bitch lol

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An Àpple ìPhone JEOPARDY WATSON SPECIAL EPISODE 2011: /watch?v=FXH7jn2AHAw cheap viagra uks exactly LOL you agreed on my statement. i hope you understand that. isn't it kinda awkard just being carried around in a big giant egg and your inside it? O_O cheap viagra uks You thought that was hateful? That was pretty controlled and mild to the comments I normally drop on her videos. I actually held back and bit my tongue on that one. Stop watching so much "Crazy" Gaga, she's decaying your mind.

If you don't like her... don't look at her. She's not talentless. She's been playing the piano since she was four... She's been a songwriter for some of the biggest names. She has changed the music world and because of her - kids will not be bullied anymore because it is okay to be different. PLUS your opinion doesn't even matter... she's laughing her way to the bank. Learn to change the channel, music station and youtube channel.

He hacked the ps3 good job nice on ruining most of the games :) Remember the famous yellow subscribe button?
Wtf...... In MƳ Ƈhannél Lol this is why she's unique coz i bet no one in the fucking world would ever make this kinda appearance in a bloody egg with an oxygen mask inside. Gotta love her!Well she's born this way(: Oh & i read in the news tt she implanted "horns" into her shoulder?lol..tts funny. what do you mean by talent? is talent ability to drop hateful comment on people's videos? then you got talent ;) cheap viagra uks Ḟree Ápple íPhone buy fosamax NO Joke cheap viagra uks Ƒree Âpple îPhone FUCK SONY FUCK APPLE. You're awesome (your raping isn't that bad either), i really hope you win. ANd to everyone who is saying that he deserves it, well fuck you cheap viagra uks We now know what comes first in the debate about the chicken and the ego. then one guy trips..... The way I see it both haters and fanboys need to calm the fuck down Lol sure is stupid to call her "god" but hate someone that you don't even is not healthy either. lol what an idiot! does she realize how retarded she is? cheap viagra uks Oh look a Madonna rehash. It would have been funny if they had dropped her and she fell out of the egg. can you play a piano on your haunches and sing at the same time? Nope didn't think so. So stfu dickhead. ok when and where do you want to do the penetration or shall I ? OPRAH IMITATION! “VALENTINE FAVORITE THINGS SHOW” (FUNNY VIDEO) sorry this chicks music is garbage and she is fucking retarded come on shes in a fucking egg really if you think shes cool your clearly 16 - 18 age range shit is mind numbing how people get brain washed by people this dumb


cheap viagra uks
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