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He hacked the ps3 good job nice on ruining most of the games :) You will have to wait forever.
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I love Gaga and her style.. but honestly.. wtf is this? This isnt style, it's just a damn egg and you can hardly see her. I can understand if this was suppose to mean something like signify a meaning... but dont you people say this is "style" -.- no , you're a homo. The only thing I'll thumb up is your moms pussy buy viagra What a fucking FAG inviting them to anal fuck him. he deserves everything sony throws at him. only pussies and fags hack. so the question did stand which is he. but he answered the question himself when he asked to be arse fucked this is the single dumbest thing i have seen in a couple years atleast buy viagra If you vote this up, you die. So, who's brave enough? In Ṁy Pr0file

Actually the Grammys are on the record as never allowing recorded backup. Ever! That is why so many artist sound so bad during the show. Lady Gaga was not one of them however. Maybe you should spend less time calling other people names and start investigating BEFORE you post erroneous information.

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