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Because it's the reason for many people's purchase. I don't play games on my PS3 at all. not before it was hacked, and not after. I got it for the ability to have a badass bluray player that can natively boot linux. Then one day I updated to find out... no more linux... the feature is now just gone. Now I just spent to much on my bluray... until Graf and Geo fixed that :) does anyone here like dragonball? If you do please watch my dragonball theme music on my place. please i need more comments on it. It's in hd so the quality is good!!
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The song went to number one on the charts in less than 5 hours in 19 different countries. Say what you want about it, but the world knows a super star when they see one hatch. The lady has it hands down.

What a waste of time, money, energy and talent. Wish she'd actually sing - it's a good voice.

why do you reply to me? i dont really care X(  buy cheap tamiflu Long life to Geohot buy cheap tamiflu Freè Ãpple ïPhone at first i thought the shoulders were real

That looks like a comfortable chair... No?

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she doesnt have a penis, yoooo check out my channel LAME!!! buy cheap tamiflu is she bringing back slavery? buy celebrex For a buy cheap tamiflu For a Dude. She stole everything about Madonna. this sounds like a Madonna song. She's trying to look like Madonna. I used to like Gaga. A LOT. But now. . .she's messed it all up. buy cheap tamiflu In Ṁy Pr0file What a fucking FAG inviting them to anal fuck him. he deserves everything sony throws at him. only pussies and fags hack. so the question did stand which is he. but he answered the question himself when he asked to be arse fucked From iphone/ipod touch to ps3 geohot is amazing An Àpple ìPhone yep agreed. Frée Äpple iPhonè buy cheap tamiflu She writes song and this is what we get... lol. a song that's not so good... & she sounds bad live.........and her voice is alright... she is no Beyonce or Jennifer Hudson! Lmao!! Took her 10mins to write this crap and took less then 10min for everyone hate it. X( it's actually "pink power".. you guys ain't white. I give you credit, If you actually were the one who broke the code. Secondly, I like the rubbing in the face tactic. This song and performance was better when Madonna did it forever ago. Frée Äpple iPhonè


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