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Haha love the song geo, ur brilliant bro Freê Åpple iPhoné
l.o.l .. .. but i love the shoes of the girls' wearing!! cheap viagra discount viagra buy viagra no she's an attention whore who has a good social media team that knows for some reason fucked-up, retarded people appreiate this shit & give her attention for being in an egg. It's not art, it's not different, it's stupid & weird. only person that desperate there to get publicity to do that. everyone else just showed up. I hope this 'egg' stunt signifies her career is going downward because it's extremely far lengths for a lil publicity. Go to your address bar, after the word YOU and before the word TUBE, type in "win" then press enter

p= pocodot,? i am not so familiar with that. is that a new social network site?

My videos can make Ur smile and laughing out loud (LOL)

No you sure aren't. I agree she's fucking dumb. Freè Ãpple ïPhone cheap viagra in uk cheap viagra in uk That looks like a comfortable chair... No?

And so... now it's ok to hack?

/watch?v=ZLdkJpAtt1I Actually Gaga wrote "Telephone" and gave it to britney, britney never put it on her album. So Gaga took it back. Trust me I know.
Err, Sony -did- patch. surprise. insane. . .( website Microsoft patches things...Sony sues people naked black man and white man are gaga slaves ?? cheap viagra in uk cheap generic viagra no prescription Damn see how everyone else has to try and get out of the way to accommodate that thing?! Thats just being an inconsiderate asshole... cheap viagra in uk she disgusts me people like you are why we have obama as our president cheap viagra in uk Go to ɱy Pagè Yeah, I guess you are against people buying a notebook with windows and then installing linux on it? and you, well you just cant spell correctly. you must be at most 15 years old because you sure type like one. "Go 2 1"??? really? No offense but she's one of the ugliest artists I've seen. I've never listened to any of her music or much music nowaday. Thank god for the 70s, 80s, and 90s. For a It's all for attention. You don't need to plaster your face around to get it shes doing this for shock value which is what he/she always does. cheap viagra in uk Lady Gaga=worst singer in the century and one of the ugliest too OMG!!!! why is she in an egg, She might hatch! lol I wish I had the opportunity to punch her in the fucking face hard enough to be happy I did so. GAGA YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT, THE PERFORMANCE IS OK BUT THE SONG IS A COPY OF EXPRESS YOURSELF * * WATCH * *


cheap viagra in uk
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