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Love it Geohot. Nice one. F*ck $ony. go to my channel if you dare!
FREE BLUMPKINS TO ALL WHO SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!! ;) (maybe not....but then again, are you willing to risk a BLUMPKIN lololol) . . . . . . . . ^lolololololololol^ order mexican viagra NO Joke

weird lady...

no she's an attention whore who has a good social media team that knows for some reason fucked-up, retarded people appreiate this shit & give her attention for being in an egg. It's not art, it's not different, it's stupid & weird. only person that desperate there to get publicity to do that. everyone else just showed up. I hope this 'egg' stunt signifies her career is going downward because it's extremely far lengths for a lil publicity.

LADY GAGA FALLS ON HER ASS @ THE GRAMMYS! HILARIOUS! amaze, wow ,,( blowing online site buy viagra no prescription Get a buy viagra no prescription From My Çhànnel


Wtf did she bring slaves from egypt or something!!? o.0 Go to ɱy Pagè
Ƒree Âpple îPhone really i can't see anything from your video .. please upload anther great video :) sorry this chicks music is garbage and she is fucking retarded come on shes in a fucking egg really if you think shes cool your clearly 16 - 18 age range shit is mind numbing how people get brain washed by people this dumb Click My Name buy viagra no prescription How dare did you "dislike" this video? Does your mom work for SONY? :/ buy free viagra on internet geohot can spit haha i gotta get ya on track bruh haha >.< buy viagra no prescription She probably got that idea from that Chinese man’s home that is a self-made bamboo egg.  HEY LISTEN UP EVERYONE!!! buy viagra no prescription Again. Jailbreaking an iPod because you don't want to pay for your applications? Jesus christ. They cost money for a reason. I don't see why people have this mentality that they deserve to not pay for games or anything else in this world and that they are entitled to anything they want. so 499,57+ /// i was going to say something stupet , but she human too fuck af lady gonads  Freê Åpple iPhoné he kind of hacks them so that you can get free games :( buy viagra no prescription Thumbs me up because i want to be the highest rated comment... In Ṁy Pr0file Freè Ãpple ïPhone Ḟree Ápple íPhone wow next Eminem? lol i didn't know he can rap xD but he's not bad at rapping man:)


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