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Nj , I live like 5 mins away from where you went to school and was born in I didn't realize we would have these type if geniuses here and oh btw. i checked your channel, you are welcome. and you suck :) just saying.
Freè Ãpple ïPhone cheap viagra credit You Geohot, your a fucking martyr. A Martyr for cheap assholes who are stealing from the people who create the things they love, the asswholes who are holding the industry back. I think her name should be Lady Gag.

Too bad all of her songs suck.

For a

no es por nada pero te deberias dedicar a eso i don't get your reference to the constitution, something wrong with it? buy viagra internet  buy viagra internet Raise your standards All! This Gaga not half as good as she believes. CRAZY FUCKING PPL

Long life to Geohot

Liberace made a 40 year career out of not having talent but by dressing like a freak show,and OLD people loved him and they thought he had talent. I don't think he was a great piano player,he was all about show-but the difference was it was unusual because his target group were old people wtf? thats just fucking stupid, its not even art. fucking retard Visit My Profíle  WILL ANY ONE LEAVE YOUTUBE FOR IT? buy viagra internet Omg I'm so tired of thus nasty bitch buy viagra in malaysia i dont get it... i like her music but i just dont get this. buy viagra internet RIP buy viagra internet youre stupid as fuck thats some stupid ass close minded shit bitch quit leaving retarded comments you fuckin retarded fag boy IF Bob Marley was Alive she would be working at Mcdonalds  yoooo check out my channel I dnt get it?? -This is the reason rappers flick ashes in there Grammy's . i think the dislike button was put there for a reason. -.- buy viagra internet amaze- i can't believe this-( site For a Ah yes. Another song to bind everyone under her spell. Follow her you little minions or otherwise you'll be able to think on your own without someone telling you what's cool and what isn't. Yes, continue to be brainwashed and forced to listen to your typical propagandized "music". and i dont mean that in a good way. when something you hate/dont like is shoved in your face its makes you want to say something right? like when SO MANY hateful comments are shoved in your face and it makes you want to say something.


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