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your fuckin retard dude, eat a dick nigga Remember when you go to your youtube page and there wasn't an advertisement at the top of the page?
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 You're a fucking tool. Hacking is not synonymous with stealing, just so you know. Current pc tech (software and hardware) are thanks to generations of hackers. Many of the conveniences you enjoy are thanks to those who you call pussies and fags. You're a moron, you are apparently a loser and will die a loser no doubt. Usually it's the rednecks and hicks that prescribe to your line of reasoning.

why is she holding a pancake to her head?

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Not Kidding We will never support pokodot cos they resort to spamming other sites just to advertise. And yes, I misspelt that on purpose. Thumb this up to tell them to FUCK OFF.
u look like a retard. Putting the "def" in "defendant". check my entry for light it up contest click my channel That guy was such a dumb ass. I want to see him try to kiss her ass later on to try to further his career. And Is it me or did does she write something using the fog from inside the egg. I think God or something. buy viagra in new zealand "Hatched this way?" ;-; buy online price viagra Not Kidding buy viagra in new zealand Freê Åpple iPhoné NO Joke buy viagra in new zealand For a crazy bitch Visit My Profíle there is obviously a problem here why is there a like button up on this video? just pointing out that problem ... free apple in my ass geohot can spit haha i gotta get ya on track bruh haha >.< buy viagra in new zealand that's fucking awesome! haha who is she wearing btw? She USED to write music. She doesn't make her music anymore, she may write her lyrics, but they aren't that great. Her voice IS great, but she doesn't use them. What she is, is a shell of her former self. She traded in expression of her talents for money and fame. She also get attention and views from haters like you Lol


buy viagra in new zealand
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