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So what? Are you going to advocate to ban cars because somebody wanted to run another person over? How about banning cameras because somebody took illegal photos? What you're saying makes no sense in the scheme of things. There are far more legitmate and fair uses for these kinds of hacks and mods than piracy. Ban computers and consoles, because without those, there'd BE NO software piracy OR hardware hacks. Good idea? Frée Äpple iPhonè
lady Ga Goof is an egomaniacal, pompas, haughty, vacuous, megalomaniacal, arrogant, self righteous, absorbed, caustic, guilt ridden, incredulous, narcissistic, self-aggrandizing, pretentious, androgynous plastic idol. Other than that she puts out some catchy hooks. viagra buy do nu Check out my All The Small Things drum cover! Studio quality! 1080P HD video!


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You are kidding. I saw Britney on her last 'live' tour and the whole show was a lipsynch. The only time her microphone was switched on was between songs. I've been to many concerts and can tell the difference between someone singing live and when they are miming to a track. And on Madonna's 'Confessions' tour at least two songs she did by miming. the "people" you said on your page.. are they your family? must be. or they just feel pity for you :)
Freè Ãpple ïPhone GAGA is GOD you can still use it as a door stop or something, if you can't figure out anything else to do with it /watch?v=tAF2v25zY4Y buy viagra in bangkok that says A LOT about her as a singer :) cheap molde ticket viagra CLICK on "URBANNEWSNOW" right underneath here in the BLUE WRITING buy viagra in bangkok bad quality idiot buy viagra in bangkok word~ She is insane, as well as her fans are V  lol Madonna has always sung her own music. Lady Gaga has a decent voice for the recent pop stars, but to compare almost any pop star today to Madonna in the 80s today's pop star will lose.......badly. The blatant rip off of Madonna's material is just further proof. An Àpple ìPhone buy viagra in bangkok Feb. 13—The great American patriot Benjamin Franklin was asked, upon his emergence from the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, what form of government the United States was going to have. Franklin answered succinctly, "A Republic, if you can keep it." Let's hope GOOGOOGAGA doesn't make a 'The Fame' album Part 3!!! So many songs on The Fame Monster are the same as The Fame. Even the, SUPPOSEDLY, song 'speechless' about her dad was cloned from The Fame. Bitch COPIES so much she copies herself. I see she's INSPIRED, AGAIN!! LOLLLLL!!! MADONNA-EXPRESS YOURSELF!!!. GOOGOO is a PSYCHO who's milking the gays for everything she can. A twisted, FAKE, FLAKE, COPYCAT PSYCHOOO!! Who will inspire the next outfits? INSPIRED! LMAO! FUCKING THIEF! wow, i knew lady gaga was an attention whore, but this is fucking rediculous


buy viagra in bangkok
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