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why are you talking about devil/god while you dont exactly do 'the good things'. why would you thought i am an artist? lol i dont go to people's video and comment on how lack of talent they are. :) i didnt say you were lacking at it. and if you wanna say i suck, then say it. say it out loud. i hope the whole world can hear you, because i dont really care. lol do you have high blood pressure? because i can feel your blood is boiling. ►►►▲►►►♥►► ◄▼▲►►♥♥►►► my vaginaa loll
Grab buy viagra order viagra What a fucking FAG inviting them to anal fuck him. he deserves everything sony throws at him. only pussies and fags hack. so the question did stand which is he. but he answered the question himself when he asked to be arse fucked

dam this foo got skills nice lirics geo and respect to u not only on the hacking side but as a liricist also...

Remember when there wasn't advertisements that never go away?

Nice :-). buy viagra free on internet Did geohot just hack the lawsuit with this video O_o? unfortunately there was no air supply. she died 3 minutes after this video. buy viagra free on internet he was a hacker so what, it's not like it's interfering with your online gaming. She is so fucking weird! What's with all the egg things? LOL

anyway you could kick a field goal through the gap between his teeth...haahaa

The most ridiculous thing I've ever seen.
NO Joke Dude. She stole everything about Madonna. this sounds like a Madonna song. She's trying to look like Madonna. I used to like Gaga. A LOT. But now. . .she's messed it all up.  omG!!!!!!!!!!! buy viagra free on internet The people that are attacking geohot need to think before opening up their mouths. What's next? Will Sony tell you how you can and cannot use your laptop? Will your iPod be confiscated as soon as you jailbreak it? Etc. etc. etc. cheap herbal viagra viagra Thanks for posting this - I missed it! buy viagra free on internet Go to ɱy Pagè Freè Ãpple ïPhone buy viagra free on internet Frëe Ǎpple iPhonê i love that lady gaga is one of those celebrities who actualy sounds good live. Visit Ṁy Profíle Geohot will just hack that shit too, no worries. Geohot can do anything, calling him dumb only reinforces the insecurity you have of your own intelligence. We all know Geohot is smart as fuck. because you are gay now? i can see it in your eyes, gurl. In MƳ Ƈhannél buy viagra free on internet ►►►►►◄►►♥► ►▼▼►►►►►▲◄ my breastss lolll best of luck We will never support pokodot cos they resort to spamming other sites just to advertise. And yes, I misspelt that on purpose. Thumb this up to tell them to FUCK OFF.


buy viagra free on internet
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