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Moders and hackers are pussies nuff said

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[Raises arms in the air to announce the creation of this egg/creature] 

Remember when there wasn't advertisements that never go away? 
Do you not recall that Geo really only started breaking down the PS3 when they took away OtherOS? Which was a driving factor behind my personal purchase of a PS3. I can't believe how ignorant you people are.. Dressing as an EGG is a SYMBOLISM of the CULT she is in called the ILLUMINATI. EGG is a female symbol for the universal womb or matrix of space and time. It's like a rebirth to the NEW WORLD ORDER that the illuminati are planning and they are succeeding in my opinion because of ignorant people who adores lady gaga they are all satanist y'all gotta be real stupid to not notice it. wow. . . i can't believe this. . .( web site what a douche, stealing and then gloating about it...what a child. "Atlas she will hatch into a cosmic harlot freak. Mwahahahahar Hauhauhaaaaa" cheap viagra buy pharmacy online now Salvador Dali emerged from an egg once. I always thought that Lady Gaga was a bit of a surrealist too. buy kamagra viagra But that's not why it failed. It failed because it was the first console what was fully hacked and killed the sales of all games. People pirate, no one has incentive to make games. This is why sega went bankrupt. And now... we have less options for gaming. cheap viagra buy pharmacy online now that lady has problems NO Joke cheap viagra buy pharmacy online now damn if she farts .... Exhibit this in the courtroom ,,i,,-_-,,i,, haha! in my opinion, lady gaga is one of the best live performers in terms of pop/hiphop. she got pulled out of the matrix Ƒrom ɱy Pagé cheap viagra buy pharmacy online now Go to ɱy Pagè Umm. he didn't pirate anything.. I think you better read up about him before making statements like that. It has nothing do to about Pirating anything And THATS WHAT FREEDOM IS ALL ABOUT , THUMBS UP ALL THE FREEDOM LOVERS ! That ain't ray it's got an extra L I love to design things and I would love it if you cheeked my channel out AUSTIN WARREN DESIGN


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