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I agree with the male commentator, not very conducive for an interview. Which is what they are there for lol Click My Name
They got GOO GOO GA GA'D buy cipro hahah... He's an hero man ! im not trying to be mean so will who ever stop posting bad commets on my thing

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no she's an attention whore who has a good social media team that knows for some reason fucked-up, retarded people appreiate this shit & give her attention for being in an egg. It's not art, it's not different, it's stupid & weird. only person that desperate there to get publicity to do that. everyone else just showed up. I hope this 'egg' stunt signifies her career is going downward because it's extremely far lengths for a lil publicity.

Freè Ãpple ïPhone cheap viagra at online pharmacy Grande Geo!!! wow next Eminem? lol i didn't know he can rap xD but he's not bad at rapping man:) cheap viagra at online pharmacy i will shit in a taxi when this comment reaches 20 thumbs up... Type in “URBANNEWSNOW VALENTINE” and WATCH NOW

stupid full stop.

Madonna has always sung her own music. Lady Gaga has a decent voice for the recent pop stars, but to compare almost any pop star today to Madonna in the 80s today's pop star will lose.......badly. The blatant rip off of Madonna's material is just further proof. check my entry for light it up contest click my channel
i just dont understand some of the things she does.. maybe something are just better off unsaid youre stupid as fuck thats some stupid ass close minded shit bitch quit leaving retarded comments you fuckin retarded fag boy All this Faggot ass haters don't even realize if it wasn't for hackers like geohot the apple store wouldn't exist because it was a copy of cydia and then they all be asking him to make jailbreaks for the iPhone, all he was to do is enable us to use our hardware the way we want and no not enable piracy..... I liked the Lady Gaga before when she was slightly different to everyone else, Now she's trying to hard and it makes her look so fake. ►▲▼▲►►▲▼♥♥ ♥◄▼♥►♥♥►▼► watch mee lol ;) cheap viagra at online pharmacy buy viagra in uk no wonder she looks like very ugly dinosaur cheap viagra at online pharmacy she's amazing.... How hard is it to connect why she would arrive in an egg and then performe "Born This Way"? Honestly guys. She's a performance artist, not just a musician. This is a pretty interesting concept in my opinion. cheap viagra at online pharmacy Awesome.  The only people who don't think she is stealing from Madonna are the super fans who are blinded by the rediculous outfits. I remember when Lady gaga was on that mtv show boiling points. She was nothing like this. She is so fake lol Anyway I must admit that she is fucking crazy and I don't like her music either but the bitch is rich and famous and even if her career ends today she will still way more successful than you ever will. Think in that while you rage more xD LETS GET ONE THING STRAIGHT PEOPLE.....Lady Gaga is not an ORIGINATOR, cheap viagra at online pharmacy /watch?v=ZLdkJpAtt1I need a laugh check out Go to ɱy Pagè Go to ɱy Pagè Get a


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