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/watch?v=ZLdkJpAtt1I From My Çhànnel
 yes and itssssssssss... speedplay0 buy cipro Commenting on a coverage video to diss Gaga is crying for attention, and she isn't ruining anything. Ignorant shit. check my entry for light it up contest click my channel

I feel sorry for the one black guy who has to be practically naked, just so Lady Gag-When-I-Listen-To-Her-Music can get off for being an attention whore.

Frée Äpple iPhonè

Its still beter then Justin bieber (: ►▲▼▲►►▲▼♥♥ ♥◄▼♥►♥♥►▼► watch mee lol ;) cheap viagra at online pharmacy was thinking the exact same thing myself. her styling is very Madonna'esque as well. guess she's resorting to today's hip hop tactics of resampling everything. although in her own round about way. keep clicking it over and over... lawlz are ensued . cheap viagra at online pharmacy there is a metaphor i think

how old are you? like 5?

BEAST! But I think he should of been standing instead of sitting. Just a thought. why, because you said so, or sony?
Friggin half a frame per second Yo dawg, i heard you like videos. So we put a video in your video so you can watch videos while you watch videos! FAIL can u do me a favor??? Gaia? and how did you come to that conclusion? seriously do more research before saying those things. cheap viagra at online pharmacy Freê Åpple iPhoné buy viagra in uk Click My Name cheap viagra at online pharmacy she disgusts me cheap viagra at online pharmacy Freê Åpple iPhoné crazy bitch oh my!! she's so so so ..super-duper WEIRD,,, and even those "carriers" of hers!! Afflicted with or exhibiting irrationality and mental unsoundness: brainsick, crazy, daft, demented, disordered, distraught, dotty, insane, lunatic, mad, maniac, maniacal, mentally ill, moonstruck, off, touched, unbalanced, unsound, wrong. eggaga was born to sing for stupid brainwashed people. That's right Geohot Fight the system!!!! cheap viagra at online pharmacy wow, die? really? why do you want death upon another person? I see so many negative comments posted here about Lady Gaga. Bottom line is, shes laughing all the way to the bank while most of us live pay check to pay check!. Feb. 13—The great American patriot Benjamin Franklin was asked, upon his emergence from the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, what form of government the United States was going to have. Franklin answered succinctly, "A Republic, if you can keep it." She has a penis.  ((( lol just because lady gagas all lot beter and can actually sing it decently ?? u say Madonna should sue her ahahah lol


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