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no she's an attention whore who has a good social media team that knows for some reason fucked-up, retarded people appreiate this shit & give her attention for being in an egg. It's not art, it's not different, it's stupid & weird. only person that desperate there to get publicity to do that. everyone else just showed up. I hope this 'egg' stunt signifies her career is going downward because it's extremely far lengths for a lil publicity. Visit Ṁy Profíle
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V What a fucking attention whore buy plavix JUSTIN BIEBER FALLS ON HER ASS @ THE GRAMMYS! HILARIOUS! stupid nigga, you cant play ps3 games on PC buy plavix does anyone here like dragonball? If you do please watch my dragonball theme music on my place. please i need more comments on it. It's in hd so the quality is good!! SCREENCAPLOL. COMPUTERS HOW DO THEY WORK??? 2FPS IS GREAT!


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she was born that way ;) if you get what i meant In MƳ Ƈhannél this corporation is full of criminals and thieves, they just have the right to do it because of the "law'.. and well, if you believe everything in the US constitution and the rule of law is correct well then.. i feel sorry for you buy plavix /watch?v=VbaFvyeWzY8 buy viagra online australia Actually the Grammys are on the record as never allowing recorded backup. Ever! That is why so many artist sound so bad during the show. Lady Gaga was not one of them however. Maybe you should spend less time calling other people names and start investigating BEFORE you post erroneous information. buy plavix Look how rays name was spelled dumbasses LETS GET ONE THING STRAIGHT PEOPLE.....Lady Gaga is not an ORIGINATOR, buy plavix look!She has a giant pancake on her head!  Ḟree Ápple íPhone she is lip-synching throughout this entire performance... i guess you little monsters actually ARE retarded buy plavix Ḟree Ápple íPhone She has no talent and the reason why she's famous is because all the weird thing she did including her outfits! so 499,57+ /// i was going to say something stupet , but she human too


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