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Man you are like a hero, my iphone say thanks : ) and my ps3 is waiting
or cheaper viagra levitra cyalis Not Kidding maybe i should buy a new brain. but if i was born that way, who cares. so what if she promotes homosexuality? its her choice. did she ask you to be gay? no. does she ask you to like her? no.

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i would like my lady gaga egg scrambled please..

Click My Name because you are gay now? i can see it in your eyes, gurl. buy neurontin TO HATERS..HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT SHE'S CRYING FOR ATTENTION IF YOU CAN'T EVEN SEE HER?? You wanna kill off the PS3 now too? buy neurontin i thought this attention seeking whore had disapeared for good, someone please kill her. WEIRDOOO!

lol. she probably dressed up in an egg to avoid the paparazzi she´s so damn stupid
NO Joke This is viral marketing for the PS3.  Homo, impersonater buy neurontin then one guy trips..... buy levitra online  buy neurontin Well, doesn't matter if he's a hero or not, he's going to Jail, and more than likely he'll be raped by a big muscular guy (He looks like he'd be bait for that). Also, I don't think he's a hero considering he opened the gates to piracy. He may not have intended to do so, and *may have tried to prevent it, but it's because of him that the PS3 was being used for malicious purposes and ruining other players online experiences... That's why I can't in any way support him. its fine. you can call me what ever you like lol. you are such a wannabe. and you arent even close to lady gaga's talent. are we done talking? cos i have much more important things to do. buy neurontin ►►►►►►►♥♥♥ ►♥♥►►►◄◄►▲ my tittiess hehe SCREENCAPLOL. COMPUTERS HOW DO THEY WORK??? 2FPS IS GREAT! ive seen alot of her "bulge" photos check my entry for light it up contest click my channel and yes, your music sucks. well the beat isnt, but the way you sing. it sounds confusing (now i am giving real input, not putting you down) you should sing louder/ put your main vocal when you mix louder than the background song. just an input. buy neurontin Lady Gaga performed Express Yourself at the Grammy's? so stupid , i feel stupid by whatching it What do you mean? Why should we care? Cuz she is coming on T.V. with it and exposing us all to it during nationally televised events, like the Grammy's. And as for your 'clicking of videos of people you don't like' question...All I can say is freedom of speech, and if you have an account one feature on this website, is that you can comment on any video you want, and cuz I felt like it. I like how you just said 'people want attention', like Lady Gaga doesn't want any...O_o this isnt even creative she just wants attention If they're not, isn't this song kind of ironic considering that it's talking about being comfortable in your own skin and here she goes out and does some freaky shit to herself?


buy neurontin
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