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meh. Boring song. She is derivative of madonna.

Watch Video of Christina Aguilera Falling on stage during Grammy Awards 53rd! Yes! she falls! Another fail by Christina! This video already has over 400,000 views! Getting up high! Hilarious! Thumbs up and subscribe and comment! Go to ɱy Pagè buy lopressor 1.Turn Off sound. Frëe Âpple iPhonê buy lopressor everything is a symbolism of something else i love that lady gaga is one of those celebrities who actualy sounds good live.


I made a clan called on cod if you would like to try out add Rawr_M40. Only on the ps3 WE MISS THE OLD YOUTUBE! Go to your address bar, after the word YOU and before the word TUBE, type in "win" then press enter" Please click on my name to go to my channel and watch both parts of a vid I just made (I only have 2 vids on that channel). Lady Gaga is on another level. So is Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Rihanna. Don't worship these people, you don't kno them like u think u do. You don't believe me? Watch it, then reply to this message and prove me wrong. buy lopressor Honestly, am I the only person who thinks she is a fucking idiot?!? buy internet viagra Yeah right...Like I said, stop listening to her trash ass music it is decaying your thinking on music as a whole. She looks like a flaming transsexual, despite all this 'talent', you are claiming her to possess. buy lopressor For a Go to ɱy Pagè buy lopressor Its EXpress Yourself,not respect yourself.... lol i dont only listen to her. i do listen to classical, jazz, etc. and stop bringing sexuality and how a person look. what is your problem if she looked like a tranny? if she is popular? if she owns more money than you do? if you wanna be famous, you shud start looking like a tranny just like her, maybe your luck will come :) it isn't lagging though ↓ ⒸⓁⒾⒸⓀ ⒾⓉ The people that are attacking geohot need to think before opening up their mouths. What's next? Will Sony tell you how you can and cannot use your laptop? Will your iPod be confiscated as soon as you jailbreak it? Etc. etc. etc. JEOPARDY WATSON SPECIAL EPISODE 2011: /watch?v=FXH7jn2AHAw buy lopressor i am a man and 4 men and me were doing anal yesterday. it was goooooood Ewww, ohgod, so she got face implants AND shoulder implants? How is that even comfortable?! In Ṁy Pr0file Visit Ṁy Profíle i see nipples hahahaha


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